Frogs tell us if our planet is doing well – or if we are in trouble. And frogs are telling us very clearly that we need to take better care of our wetlands and water.  To encourage people to love frogs and to take care of their habitats, uShaka Sea World is celebrating National Frogs Day from the 24- 26thth February.  


To learn more about these special creatures, visit the exhibition outside Dangerous Creatures in the uShaka Village Walk, where our experienced staff and herpetologists will be available from 10:00 – 16:00 to answer your questions about frogs and wetlands. 


These important animals are disappearing all over the planet largely because of habitat destruction and pollution. As humans we benefit directly from the role frogs play in the ecosystems as they feed on insects and help protect us from diseases. If frogs went extinct imagine how many mosquitoes would be around?


Visit the Frog exhibit and pledge your commitment to caring for frogs and be rewarded with an amazing 50% discount on entry to Dangerous Creatures.  


How can we care for frogs:

  • Think before you pour toxic chemicals down the drain – remember that your waste water may land up in a river or wetland.
  • Do not use harmful pesticides in your garden.
  • If you see a frog on the road – give it a chance to cross the road and do not run it over.
  • Celebrate if you are lucky enough to have frogs in your garden – it means that you have a healthy garden.
  • Save water.
  • Do not eat frog’s legs.


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