It is almost time for the 2018 Adventure Racing (AR) World Championship which will be taking place on Reunion Island, a French overseas territory between 4 and 16 November 2018. This outdoor, multi-sport adventure appeals to the lovers of extreme sport and nature. As many as 65 teams from around the world are expected to participate in this year’s event, with six teams from South Africa representing the country.
The AR World Championship forms part of The Adventure Racing World Series, which takes place throughout the year at 11 locations around the world. As Reunion Island is a French territory, this year’s championship has been organised in collaboration with Raid in France, the leading adventure race in the French outdoor realm, with nearly 200 races organised throughout France and its territories annually. Read more here.

This championship will unite the world’s best endurance athletes, who will be going head-to-head to achieve glory and ultimately be crowned the winners, all while overcoming gruelling conditions and physical fatigue. This year’s world championship includes adventure sport activities such as; trekking, MTB, packraft, kayaking, canyoning, caving and ropes. The event will take between 110 hours (4.5 days) and 200 hours (8 days) to complete, with teams covering 400 kilometres of Reunion Island’s magnificent landscape. Each team is made up of four members – with at least one female member in each group – each of which will embark on a larger-than-life journey, completely immersing themselves in the wilderness, contending with the gruelling conditions, tough terrain and non-stop, day and night, physical activities.

It takes extreme physical fitness and mental stamina to complete a race of this magnitude. Team work is the name of the game, and each individual knows how important is it to support each other in order to make it to the finish line.  “We are preparing an authentic race, one that pushes the racers to be as autonomous as possible and one that encourages a respectful discovery of the island’s natural territories. Our baseline ‘Back to Nature’ demonstrates our desire to stay grounded in what is the very essence of the long-distance races which implies an immersion and a discovery in full autonomy within a team. And we couldn’t dream of a more magical place than Reunion Island to organise this World Championship! We are proud to organise such a challenge and we are extremely excited about the days ahead during which we will be entirely devoted to the realisation of this outstanding adventure,” says Pascal Bahuaud, Race Director.

Graham Bird, Captain of SA Team Merrell had this to say, “From all the information and pictures we have seen about Reunion, it looks like a true Adventure junkie’s haven and the ideal venue to host an Adventure Racing World Championship. South Africa will be well represented at the event with six 4 person teams, and all have been training hard and look forward to experiencing the hospitality and all that the island has to offer.”  

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