The Class in the Clouds program provides young people with a one-of-a-kind outdoor experience that includes fresh air, stunning views of the Mother City, educational hikes, and fascinating facts about Table Mountain’s biodiversity.

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company (TMACC) established its Class in the Clouds program in 2001 with the aim of providing more opportunities for scholars to experience the mountain. The initiative allows students and teachers alike to trade their classrooms for a fun day of interactive learning at the top of the mountain.

According to Wahida Parker, Managing Director at TMACC, the Class in the Clouds programme was started with the goal to give back, educate, and inspire school goers from local communities across the Western Cape.

“We aim to empower and upskill youngsters to improve their access to tertiary education and possible job opportunities.”

As part of the lockdown regulations, TMACC has recently created innovative additions to its offering. In particular, the organisation has found new ways for students to engage with the New7Wonder of Nature which includes the development of a 360 virtual tour of the top of the mountain.

“This brings a whole new dimension to our Class in the Clouds programme,” says Parker.

“Learners and educators now have the chance to explore the mountain virtually. The tool allows students and teachers to navigate the pathways and experience our beautiful scenery online.”

Parker explains that the tour is available on the TMACC website, and there are further plans to incorporate storytelling and voice-activated narration as part of the experience.

The programme includes grade-specific and curriculum-aligned educational worksheets for primary and high school learners, incorporating subjects such as life and social sciences.

“The educational materials for our programme can be downloaded from our website and provides teachers and educational assistants with unique resources for their lesson plans,“ adds Parker.

The educational packs include fun, interactive activities for learners such as word searches, quizzes, crosswords, and group challenges. Facilitator notes equip teachers with a summary of the information contained in the packs, as well as mini assessments that they can use to test their students.

“Our commitment to responsible tourism includes a strong focus on social investment, which ultimately forms an important part of this – particularly through programmes like Class in the Clouds,” Parker concludes.

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