Summer time in the Lowveld sets the perfect tone for a new wilderness adventure. Situated a mere 4-hour drive from Johannesburg, Tomjachu Bush Retreat with all its untainted beauty, complimented by abundant plant species, plains game, and over 265 bird species, makes for a great summer expedition for all. 


Experience the warm summer breeze surrounded by a range of picturesque mountains creating the ideal ambiance for nature and adventure lovers alike. On Tomjachu Bush Retreat’s 1300 acre nature reserve, you are able to escape the mundane and join in on some riveting outdoor summer fun.

Explore the vast terrain with an invigorating mountain biking trail excursion, which allows you to delve into the vast bushveld as you discover the untapped magnificence that lies in each wind and turn on the reserve. With easily identifiable single tracks, between 4km and 12km circuits, you are able to choose a degree of intensity that is most suitable for you.

For those who thrive when nature presents a challenge, a hike to the peak of Tomjachu’s 1030m high Zebra Heights is sure to be an awe-inspiring quest. This steep climb showcases some much to be admired vistas, as you look down towards the Tipperary River valley in the company of freely roaming African wildlife on the open plains of Tomjachu Bush Retreat.

Tone things down and indulge your senses with a nature drive in Tomjachu’s renowned Safari Land Rover, nicknamed Shrek – the loveable green monster. Here you can sit back, relax and appreciate the orchestra of birds and the sights embedded in the diversity of the Lowveld. Keep your eyes peeled for Zebra, Giraffe, Ostrich, Mountain Reedbuck, Klipspringer, Warthog, Porcupine, Honey Badger and the illusive Cape Clawless Otters  as you drive along the rugged routes that traverse the property’s various biomes and habitats. 


Round things up with a light meal as you laze by South Dam, Tomjachu’s most popular picnic spot surrounded by calm waters and thriving bird life. Alternatively, lounge by the poolside, reflecting on the day’s events with a glass of fine wine from the carefully selected cellar. The elegant 5-star, self-catering Valbonne Villa, boasts a spectacular infinity pool overlooking the Bekker Mountains while the main Homestead offers a large swimming pool with sun loungers and umbrellas, easily accessible from Keeper’s CottageBush Cottage and Rock House both also boasting private swimming pools.  Each of these accommodation options have the perfect setting to be enjoyed after a long and eventful hot summer’s day.

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