GrandWest’s now famous jazz singing competition is on again in September and October 2019. Anyone who would like to enter is invited to take part in the Warm-up Wednesday sessions. A chance to practice your songs with the band, happening every Wednesday evening in August from 21h00 to 23h00 at Jackson Hall, GrandWest. 

This is the eleventh year in a row that the Open Mic Jazz singing competition is taking place at GrandWest. It is a platform for up-and-coming, ‘non-professional’ singers to show off their talent to the public. 

“GrandWest invites all jazz singers who are not making a living from singing, who have not released an album and who do not sing full time, to enter this fantastic competition,” says Elouise Matthys, the PR and Promotions Manager at GrandWest. “We encourage anyone who loves to sing jazz, to try out. There are some amazing prizes up for grabs.” 

To enter, simply check the GrandWest website page for the Open Mic Jazz (OMJ) list of songs ( and find one you would like to sing. Then come to the auditions happening on Wednesday evenings in September and fill in a registration form. The competition works on a first come first serve basis and there can be only 30 auditions for each session, so be sure to arrive early. The Open Mic Jazz competition is free to enter. 

The warm-up sessions in August are a chance for prospective contestants to practice their songs with the Open Mic Jazz band. The band will be available every Wednesday evening in August, from 7 August 2019 to 28 August 2019, at Jackson Hall, GrandWest from 21h00. 

“Aspiring competitors are welcome to come down and sing with the band, it is the best way to prepare for the auditions,” says Matthys. “The public is also invited to enjoy these warm-up sessions. 

“We have found such incredibly talented jazz singers at our Open Mic Jazz shows and we cannot wait to see who takes part this year,” says Matthys. 

There are cash prizes of R40 000, R15 000 and R10 000 for the winner, and the second and third place respectively. 

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