Zip Zap Circus is paying tribute to the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela, for his birthday on 18th July. This being the ‘year unusual’ and considering continued lockdown restrictions, the iconic circus institution will pay it forward in a virtual way.  They will be gifting a virtual screening of ‘The Caretaker’ circus performance to children in twenty-two paediatric hospitals and children’s homes across the province and abroad.

Inspired by Madiba’s Dream

In 1992, South African born Brent van Rensburg and his French wife, Laurence Estève arrived back in Cape Town from performing circus acts across the globe.  The country was at the height of political instability and instead of packing their bags, they decided to start Zip Zap Circus to be part of the solution in South Africa.  

Their dream was to use the circus as a tool to bridge gaps and to inspire young people to help build a new culture of peaceful co-existence in South Africa, inspired by the late Nelson Mandela.

Today, 28 years later, the full impact the circus arts have had on social transformation and youth upliftment is a manifestation of Madiba’s dream of a Rainbow Nation.  This is evidenced by the thousands of children who have run through Zip Zap’s doors with aspirations to transcend their circumstances and realised their own dreams.


Going virtual on Mandela Day

While many of our nation’s children are stuck in bed in paediatric hospitals and care centres all over the country, Zip Zap is sending them ‘The Caretaker’ virtual screening to share the circus magic and lift their spirits on this significant day. 

The show was initially performed in 2009 and combines theatre, dance, and circus. Set in a quaint apartment block, inhabited by a kaleidoscope of people, ‘The Caretaker’ tells their stories and the events that transpire in the courtyard, including a fire in the building! 

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