Control Your Gaiety!

Start your day with a good mood and the rest of your day will be more fun and easy going. How do you make sure that your day will be cheerful? Here are some tips!

What Is The Colour Of Success?

It has been proven time and again that colour has an effect on one’s emotions, so it is no surprise colour in the work place is receiving greater attention as well.

Eating In Secret

Most likely you have over indulged in something to relieve stress or an emotion. What may be a quick fix can turn into a habitual way of dealing with your emotions.

Making Space For Love

After a scourge of rain, in which the heavens cried buckets of refreshing, cleansing tears, Friday 7 September 2012 arrives. The sky is a sad grey and the weather chilly.
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If Flowers Were Feelings

Upstairs, bright yellow petals stand out against the dark green of the tables. The sight of these lovely petals fills me with a sweet sense of expectation.

Breathing And Meditation

Breathing is an excellent way in which we are able to take charge of our lives and control our emotions. In today’s world, our emotions are running riot, leading to us becoming more and more stressed.