Five Easy Ways To Be A Safe And Savvy Online Shopper

When that must-have item comes on sale while you’re browsing your favourite online shopping site, and before you know it, you’ve purchased it – to spoil yourself because you deserve it. Between the rush...

Expert Advice On Bleeding Gums

Most South Africans experience bleeding gums on occasion, but when is it a cause for concern? According to Dirna Grobbelaar, oral hygiene advisor for IVOhealth, bleeding gums is never normal.

Research Confirms Worry About Frown Lines

Recent research conducted by Allergan Pharmaceuticals (Allergan) shows that the number one aspect that concerns most South Africans about their appearance is their frown lines.

We Need To Start To Talk Through Race

South Africans do not like talking about race and when we do, we get angry. It makes us uncomfortable because we want to get away from this stuff – even though it has been there for centuries.