Why choose Bras-siere:

• We have a patent * for this lingerie hanger design. (2007/08118)
• The lingerie hanger helps to sort and organize your underwear cupboard.
• There’s absolutely no other hanger like this.
• We carry an exclusive range of colors.
• By using our hanger you are looking after your underwear so that they can last longer.

What we do:

We sell our hangers in either sets of ten (10) hangers or loose however you prefer, the lingerie hangers gets packed in our special designed boxes were it then gets sealed for your and our protection. If you prefer your own packaging we can deliver them loose.

Our pricing are uncomplicated. The prices you get quoted on are valid for thirty (30) days and thereafter the price are subject to change without prior notice.
We specialize in plastic injection molded hangers that are made locally in the East Rand. We only have one manufacturing company that is supplying us with these hangers. The machines they use are from the highest standard and can accommodate large orders, none of the material is sourced from overseas, it’s all made locally thus make it easier to have stock available easily. We do not have to rely on Imports to get our stock up and running.

We strive too keep a wide a range of color selection of hangers available. If any of the color lingerie hangers is temporarily out of stock we will notify you within 24 hours of placing your order for that specific color. We will then make arrangements to have it available as soon as possible.

Tanya van Zyl

About Me

Born in Benoni, and I am going to sort out every women’s underwear/lingerie cupboard. The idea of a lingerie hanger came to me when I was on maternity leave; you know how a woman can get being 9 months pregnant on her last and being booked off for a week as the doctors prescribed rest. To stay at home doing nothing is not my idea of rest. I started at my own room unpacking my cupboards and re-organising my underwear cupboard, when I was busy unpacking my lingerie for the 50 time every second month, I thought that there must be an easier way of storing this bits of lace in a neater more organised manner as every second month you have to sort it all over again. Then you remember why it is in such a mess, as you could remember that you had to look for that pink number matching g-string.

What is your personal inspirational message to the women of South Africa?

That there is always hope out there, although sometimes we are to blind to see due to the state that we are in that we do not see if even if it is right in front of us.

Do you support or have any particular charity, cause or individual?

I support the CANSA association, I donate a percentage of my sales towards breast cancer, as I think that this part of the woman’s body is her jewels and should be cherished for always, this makes us woman.

In my handbag I’ve got… chocolate

The most favourite thing in my handbag is… lip gloss

My favourite place in the world.. the unspoilt beaches of Mozambique

My favourite quote is…. love the one you hate

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