Cellulite: What works and what doesn’t

As a woman, by the time you reach a certain age, the words ‘pool party’ might instil a sense of fear thanks to the idea of having to publicly expose your thighs. Whether you’re close to your ideal body weight or currently wanting to lose a few kilograms doesn’t make a difference. If you have cellulite then you have cellulite and there’s a good chance you’d prefer it gone.


Why me?

Lumpy, dimpled skin develops over time and is caused by the way skin changes and loses elasticity as we age. Little is known as to why some are more prone to it but genes and the amount of oestrogen in your body play a role.

The actual ‘structural’ cause of cellulite involves the fibrous connective cords that tether your skin to your muscle, with the fat existing in between. As you gain more fat cells, they push up towards your skin’s surface while the cords pull it down to create an uneven, bumpy-looking surface. A visual way to best understand it is to picture a quilted Chanel handbag. The padding is your fat and the stitching is the fibrous cords while the irony is that the handbag’s an accessory you’d want to have.


Say no to hocus pocus

There are a myriad of products on the shelves promising to rid you of your cellulite but let’s get real here. If there really was a single miracle solution wouldn’t every women on the planet be using it?

Of all the things that definitely won’t solve your cellulite here are biggies.


Topical treatments
There’s little research out there proving that any particular ingredient is able to restructure your skin so dramatically that it could rid you of cellulite let alone penetrate deep enough to reach the fatty deposits that are part of the problem.

As it turns out, liposuction isn’t a great cellulite solution. While it can remove excess fat in localised areas, there’s no guarantee the results will even and this can actually make cellulite look worse.

Anything promising to act like a temporary sauna or promote water loss might have an initial slimming or smoothing effect but the moment you drink that first glass of liquid you’re going to be right back to where you started. Also, be wary of anything promising to ‘detoxify’. Cellulite isn’t caused by toxins.

Drinking water
Remaining hydrated will always be good for you but, alas, good old H2O can’t change your skin’s structure.

Losing weight
Shedding extra kilograms will give you a slimmer profile but cellulite can attach itself to skinny people too. Much of its appearance has to do with your skin’s underlying structure which is what causes those dimples to show.

Creating more smooth muscle on which your fat can lie may help improve the appearance of cellulite but not always. Everybody is different and if you’ve got an underlying cellulite-enhancing skin structure in an area where it’s difficult to create muscle, like your calves for example, it’s not likely to help.


So what does work?

At Body Renewal we know that there isn’t a single magic bullet when it comes to blitzing the bane of just about every woman’s life. While there are several proven treatments that can make visible difference, you’ll get the best results from a combination of them that addresses the problem from multiple angles. This is why we’ve developed several Fat, Cellulite & Tightening solutions packages that make use of one or more modalities and our highly-skilled therapists can help you pick the one that would suit you best based on the severity of your cellulite as well as your budget.

These range from our Basic solution which includes an exfoliating enzyme treatment and multipolar radiofrequency all the way though to our Ultimate solution. The latter includes a more intensive glycolic peel, carboxytherapy, cryolipo fat freezing, i-Lipo Ultra laser lipo and transdermal mesotherapy.

As each solution is bundled and discounted, you end up getting a lot more value for your money.


Treat it to beat it

Cellulite is most definitely tricky to beat, but with a combination of cutting edge, proven treatments, you can most definitely improve the way it looks. To find out more about vanquishing cellulite as well as how to best slim, trim and sculpt, pay a visit to Body Renewal online.

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