Did you know that when a product says “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” it may only refer to the finished creation and not the ingredients themselves? Also, while a company may state that it doesn’t test on animals, it could still use outsourced suppliers to conduct testing.


So, what exactly does cruelty-free (in its truest form) mean? Simply put, products baring a cruelty-free guarantee have not been produced using methods involving testing on animals – during any step in the manufacturing process. 


One cruelty-free standard that is recognised internationally is Leaping Bunny. Beauty fanatics are no doubt familiar with their iconic bunny logo. Fans of the popular Kardashian Beauty Hair range, can rest assured that their favourite haircare and styling brand has been certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. 


In the late 90’s, consumers started becoming drawn to cruelty-free shopping, but having a guideline in place to indicate which products fit the bill was needed. Companies were claiming to be cruelty free, and even creating custom bunny logos, without checking in with animal protection groups on what is required for products to be considered truly cruelty-free. This led to eight animal protection groups joining forces and creating the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC). 


The CCIC champions a single inclusive standard and the Leaping Bunny Logo. The standard is described as follows on the Leaping Bunny website: “The Standard is short for the Corporate Standard of Compassion for Animals, a voluntary pledge that cosmetic, personal care, and/or household product companies make to clear animal testing from all stages of product development. The company’s ingredient suppliers make the same pledge and the result is a product guaranteed to be 100 percent free of new animal testing. All Leaping Bunny companies must be open to independent audits, and commitments are renewed on an annual basis.” *


Currently, companies are not obliged to declare whether or not their products are cruelty-free. But businesses certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny comply with this standard. Obtaining the Leaping Bunny Logo is an optional step that some only choose to include for marketing purposes.  


“Great care is taken to ensure that all Kardashian Beauty Hair products are created in a safe, cruelty-free environment. Responsible beauty starts with guaranteeing that no animal-testing is conducted. In receiving the Leaping Bunny stamp of approval, our customers can have peace of mind that our hair care range is truly guilt-free,” says Inge Peacock, Managing Director of Glamit, distributors of the Kardashian Beauty Hair range in South Africa.


“In addition, we only use trusted ingredients, such as black seed oil. A core ingredient in each of our products, black seed oil is a natural source of beauty with benefits ranging from promoting scalp health and hair growth, to acting as an antibacterial aid for your locks.”


She concludes: “Cruelty-free beauty needs to be the norm and not the exception, so make sure you do your research before investing in products that might not be produced ethically.”


The Kardashian Beauty Hair range is available in select Foschini stores nationwide, as well as online on www.glamit.co.za

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