What causes skin to age?

When skin ages, we see intrinsic signs of ageing (from within), such wrinkles, loose / sagging skin, thinning skin, and increased skin sensitivity. The cause of intrinsic skin ageing includes genetics, hormonal changes, stress and lack of sleep. The extrinsic signs of ageing include uneven skin tone, brown spots, visible blood vessels, wrinkles, fragile skin and cancer / precancer lesions. These are caused by environmental factors such as sun damage, smoking, excess alcohol, air pollution, blue light radiation from screens and general environmental factors.  

What can we do about it?

Start early with prevention and a holistic approach by following a healthy diet, committing to a healthy lifestyle and using the best skin care products and treatments you can. A good quality sunscreen is essential and should be part of a skincare routine from a young age. When choosing a skincare range, look for quality ingredients to prevent collagen loss, keep skin hydrated and minimize the ageing process. Choose the right skincare range for your skin type. the skin with correct skin care and treatments. There are also a large variety of antiaging treatments available today, from lasers, lights, peels and skin needling, mesotherapy, fillers and botulinum toxin. Eachof these treatments has specific indications according to the type of skin aging signs you are looking to address. It is best to consult with a doctor specialising in managing skin aging to get the correct advice for the appropriate treatment. 

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Struggling with pimples, blackheads or enlarged pores?

There are many causes for pimples / acne, but the main causes are hormonal changes, stress, incorrect skin care, smoking and excess touching of the face. Acne develops due three things: build-up of dead skin cells in the pores; bacterial overgrowth and excess sebum / oil production. All of these lead to inflammation, which is a major factor in acne. Blocked skin pores lead to enlarged pores. When struggling with oily and congested type skin, pores should be kept clean to reduce ’stretching’ of the pores. Blackheads form due to an excess of dead skin cells at the opening of the pore that does not allow the black head to ‘drain’. A major contributor of black heads is incorrect skin care – including ingredients that block the pores – certain foundations and sunscreens. Smoking is also a major cause of black heads.

How to treat problematic skin

Skin care plays a major role in treating problematic skin.  An effective cleanser that cleans the pores, reduces dead skin cell build up as well as the bacterial count,  is very important. Treatments that are good for problematic skin include peels, LED light therapy, lasers and light based treatments. 

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Dry, irritated skin

A cold dry climate in Winter leads to the worsening of dry skin. The drier the skin surface becomes, the more the skin loses water in the deeper layers – leading to a vicious cycle of drying of the skin.

Rashes develop due to factors leading to an inflammation process. These can include bacteria, viruses, fungi or irritation such as eczema or dermatitis. A dry or dehydrated skin will react more easily, resulting in a rash or sensitivity, because the top layer of the skin is the barrier. When the barrier is lacking in natural oils, the skin is very sensitive and rashes becomes more common. Many people are struggling with dry, irritated skin on their hands due to frequent washing and sanitising.

Treating dry, irritated skin 

Use a good quality cream after washing your hands and between hand sanitizing. The cream will replace the lipids in the skin barrier and help reduce waterloss (transepidermal water loss). Creams that help to improve the skin barrier should contain ingredients such as omegas, niacinamide, Vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil or other natural plant oils.

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About SVR

Visionary French pharmacists, Simone and Robert Veret, established Laboratoire SVR in 1962. They had a single aim in mind – to create ‘beautiful skin’. An unrivalled skincare brand was born especially when it comes to effectiveness and tolerance.  Today, SVR is a true star in the field of dermo-cosmetics. Its products are highly concentrated to maximise performance and specifically formulated to maximise tolerance. An authentic, ethical and sincere approach combined with reliability and outstanding quality has enabled the brand to bring leading skincare products to the market, for all skin types and tones including the most sensitive skin.


The SVR range is available online at www.riekiemedaesthetic.co.zawww.absoluteskin.co.zaand www.shopfomo.comas well as at selected Salons and Doctors. For a full list of stockists, email info@filorga.co.zaor call 012 548 0725

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