As we age our hair seems to become a little more thin and wiry because the hair gets thinner in its diameter and at the same time the cuticle of the hair starts wrapping around itself. Adding to this, hair also gradually loses its melanin and this is the start of the greying process. Some people get full flair silver hair while others get a mixture of salt and pepper.

Whatever your genes dictate, you can either embrace it or colour it. But finding the right tools to care for your hair is key to protecting it and slowing the ageing process.


When drying your hair you need gentle and variable settings like on the Philips Pro Care hairdryer that has ‘thermo protect’ as a feature. It allows the user to reduce the heat without losing the drying power, giving more style with less damage. Like your skin, your hair needs added moisture as you mature and this feature will help you preserve the moisture in your hair better.

If you want to change your look, then take a peek at old photographs. If you still have the same hairstyle and colour as you had five years ago, it’s probably a good time to try something new and experience a totally refreshed you.


Trying a new hair colour is one of the best ways to change up your look. Keep in mind however that colouring should be done with care as you could experience some hair loss in the process. Ageing hair already faces a hair fall challenge greatly due to hormonal factors. The first sign of hair loss that most women notice is often widening of their part or their once full ponytail is much smaller. The sooner you seek care, the better the chances of successfully treating it.

You may also find that colouring is a little harder than it was when you were younger. Hair is more resistant to colouring when it greys, but fear not – you can certainly find a colourist that understands resistant hair to help.

When you colour your hair, add a few highlights around the face and in the partings, as this brings added luminosity to the face. Colour is also great at hiding that first telltale sign of regrowth! Colouring your hair 2 to 3 levels lighter, goes a long way in making you look younger and refreshed. As you mature, so does the tone of the skin so you need to adjust the colour of your hair accordingly.

If you are tired of colouring your hair try a great pixie cut and wear your natural hair colour, Judy Dench did it!


Keep your hair looking youthful by trimming it regularly, as dull split ends make hair look dry and drab. Perhaps even add on some layers to add bounce to the hair. Movement in the hair will give it a refreshing, youthful appearance.

Shaughn Adams

Remember, healthy hair is the best hair!


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