If you’ve got a darker skin type then you’ll know it comes with certain concerns that are unique to you. For example, you’ll be more prone to hyperpigmentation and ingrown hairs as well as something called dermatosis papulosa nigra.




While they’re often mistaken for moles or warts, they’re neither. Dermatosis papulosa nigra (DPN), are benign growths (seborrheic keratosis) that look like small, darker-coloured lesions and often occur in a cluster on the face and neck of those with darker skin. Morgan Freeman’s got them on his cheeks and so did Nelson Mandela.


DPN can affect both men and women and are caused by a genes, ageing, unprotected sun exposure or a combination of all three. Fortunately, they’re not cancerous but they can increase in number and size and many choose to have them removed as they appear for cosmetic reasons.


A quick fix


At Skin Renewal, was have many lasers that are perfectly safe and effective to use on darker skin types. (It’s important to know that not all lasers agree with darker skin and, if you’re using the wrong one, it can be a costly exercise that does nothing at best and burns you at the worst!)


The ‘colour blind’ laser we like to use for the safe and painless removal of DPN is the long pulsed Nd: YAG laser for the safe and painless removal of DPN. Initially, straight after the procedure, they might get a little darker before fading away but we speed up this process by using a skin-lightening agent to pre-treat your skin before the procedure.


For the record, our Nd: YAG laser does a great job of laser hair removal on darker skin types too!


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Whatever skin condition is concerning you, be it DPN or something else, know that you’ll find highly skilled doctors at Skin Renewal who have lots of experience in treating darker skin tones.


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