Argentina is the fashion capital of South America and many of the countries in South Americaactually see it as the ‘Europe’ of the South.

However, although they have some fantastic brands and goods, this does not necessarily mean it come with the consumer’s ‘good sense’ of taste.
In general, the women in particular, love to be very dramatic. Frills, too many prints, overdone make up and way too tight outfits are most loved. Many women here risk being uncomfortable by wearing super tight, crotch hugging jeans paired with a bright pair of platform heels. And yes, it’s as ridiculous as you can imagine, but considered so sexy here.

Men and women love curves, curves and curves! This is great in that people get to celebrate and adorn the natural shape, but it tends to be way over the top.
In South Africa, when it’s your final year at school and your matric ball awaits, the question on everyone’s minds are “What will I wear?” and you spend numerous days and months looking for inspiration and a decent dress maker that won’t charge you over the top.

Not here. There are so many talented dress makers and seamstresses on every corner. These ladies have skill and many of them open tiny little stores in which they display their wares and busy themselves in on a new design.

For some reason, Peruvian Catholic culture has a lot of celebrations and they do it in overdose, especially regarding a young women’s confirmation at 16 years old.
Colours are most essential to an outfit here. The native Peruvian (a.k.a the Incan peoples of the Southern Americas) even paint their houses in bright colours. The traditional arts, crafts and fabrics also take on a near neon hue all clashed together.

Some combinations are just beyond ridiculous from my point of view. Lets take this one boutique, which I’m sure had great items, but the window dresser must seriously hate their job deep down inside. The displays in the boutiques go from bad to worse every month. Last month it was bright Amazon green with leopard print. They even dare to combine stretch lycra with nylon and satin. Oh, and lets not forget the giant flower smack, bang in the middle of the chest.
Well, they are supposed to be meeting their market’s demands…

Overall there is immense talent in this developing country and so much potential. Many of them do not get recognized due to lack of financial investment. Peru has seen a lot of corruption and bad government concerning its political past. But, I am glad to say they are in the process of opening up their doors to the international world, especially as they contain the most fascinating archaeological and mysterious sites in the world.

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