Fifth Element Activewear is a new and unique active wear range, born out if the founder, Christa Calitz’s desire to create a range that will allow women and men to express their individual style.


 “The Fifth Element brand has been a passion of mine for a long time. When I started training, I couldn’t find anything in the market which was authentic and which I felt represented my own personality, so I started to search and source items from abroad and investigate opportunities…and it just snowballed. I’ve always had the desire to make something of this concept: Earth, Fire, Water and Air, which are so close to my heart. As a keen water skier, surfer, horse rider and dancer I saw a connection with these elements”


Which makes this range even more remarkable and special is the story behind its name. Christa was in a serious accident more than 21 years ago (March 1996) and subsequently lost her dream of becoming a professional ballet dancer and teacher. Christa says that, in a way, she actually lost her ‘fifth element’, translating into her ‘love for life’. She only returned to any form of exercise in August 2015 and dancing in September 2016 (click here to read her whole story). “It has been life changing experiences and, along with my confidence and fitness, my passion for training grew…as well as my need to find funky and interesting things to wear while I am living out my passion.”


This Fifth Element range is made with high performance fabrics that look good, supports and keeps you dry and cool all year round. The Fifth Element range is based on four elements / ranges:


  • EARTH (stay grounded). The earth element is the foundation of all elements and the combination of balance, perseverance and focus. This range is aimed at sportswear for all fitness training whether you are in the gym, studio or running to stay active.
  • FIRE (have passion in your heart). Fire is the element of will, passion, change and intensity. The fire range includes bold and colourful designs for men who desire to express their individuality.
  • WATER (dive deeper). Water symbolises power and strength, can wash away earth, put out fire and carve its way through stone. Nothing is, however, softer and more flexible than water. The water range includes rash guards, surf leggings, swimwear and wet suits for all water-related sports.
  • AIR (move freely). Air is the manifestation of movement and sound and is also the power of the mind, our inspiration and imagination. Air aids us in the visualisation and realisation of our ideas and dreams – hence this range consisting of dance apparel (beautiful leotard designs, soft tulle skirts and other specialised accessories suitable for ballet, barre and all other classical forms of dance).


“With the Fifth Element range I have proved that, with a positive mindset, encouragement, determination and perseverance one can do anything – what you imagine you can certainly create,” Christa concludes.


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