With the end of year summer holidays almost upon us, many of us are looking forward to a well- deserved vacation spent frolicking in the sun and ocean. Whilst a day at the beach or lounging around the pool can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, it can also leave you with tangled and dry damaged hair which can lead to breakage. To keep your hair healthy during the holidays, extra care is needed, especially after swimming in the ocean or going for a stroll on the windy shore?

How you brush your hair is the key to strong and healthy hair and the single most overlooked step in hair care. Hair is weakest when wet and pulling at it can snap it like a rubber band. This is why you should brush with a tool that gently loosens knots and tangles without pulling or breaking hair.

An innovation in hair care, Wet Brush transforms locks (and lives), turning a time consuming task into an effortless, fun and colourful part of your day.

Perfect for travelling, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite holiday must-have Wet Brushes that detangle hair in mere minutes, making mane maintenance a doodle – seamlessly separating knots and tangles, without compromising precious strands. With revolutionary ‘IntelliFlex’ technology, the thin, strong yet super flexible bristles glide through tangles effortlessly, minimizing pain, preventing split ends and breakage – no more tress distress!

  • The Wet Brush Original DetanglerThe Wet Brush Original Detangler (R160.00) lets you brush with less force so you can detangle with less damage to your hair. After using the Original Detangler, you’ll feel the difference and never want to try another hairbrush again. With IntelliFlex® bristles embedded in the cushion with a twisting fusion technology, the Wet Brush Original Detangler offers a unique brushing experience.
  • Wetbrush Shower DetanglerThe multitasking Wet Brush Shower Detangler (R149.00) combines the best in convenience and efficacy. It gently detangles while distributing conditioning treatments evenly in the shower, plus it’s designed without a cushion for easy cleaning and air drying – not to mention it has a convenient shower hook handle. When you’re finished detangling, just rinse it off and hang it up! OmniFlex technology contours to the shape of your scalp for superior comfort.
  • Wet Brush Pop and Go DetanglerThe Wet Brush Pop and Go Detangler (R149.00) is the first and best mini sized pop-folding hairbrush: the perfect brush for your purse, backpack or gym bag. It offers superior convenient

detanglng on the go and features a foldable handle and push and release button which protects the bristles when closed.

Furthermore, Wet Bushes make the ideal Christmas presents and stocking fillers – after all who doesn’t love the gift of healthy hair?

Wet Brushes are suitable for all hair types, including straight hair, wavy loose curls and curly hair. Available at Clicks stores.
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