Having healthy hair is the ultimate dream. Let’s face it, our hair gets extremely damaged on a daily basis. Did you know that pollution, air-cons and heat can all damage your hair? It might be hard to avoid these things, but there certainly is a way to keep your hair healthy.

There are plenty of home remedies that work great on our hair, all you need to do is be willing to test them out! The question is, will it end up being a DIY Hair miracle or not?

I have saved you all some time by giving you a list of my 5 favourite ingredients that I use on my hair.

1. Olive oil – This is an amazing item to use. Oiling your hair from a young age prevents greying. I personally know of people who oiled their hair regularly and only started getting grey in their forties!

2. Eggs-  These are my least favourite because of the smell, but they work wonders on your hair! Eggs give your hair a nice natural shine. You can use them with some conditioner or even olive oil and wash them out after 30 minutes.

3.  Honey- If you have damaged or dry hair, try and use honey on a weekly basis. Honey is one of the most amazing home remedies for just about anything. From curing a cough to fixing damaged and dry hair.

4. Avocado- Great for skin and great for hair! All you want to do is mash up one avocado and add it to your hair with some coconut oil. Avocado is packed with only brilliant vitamins, so an avocado treatment will benefit you greatly!

5. Mayonnaise- Sounds really weird, but is great for hair that feels dead and hard. Mayonnaise will make your hair smoother and shiner, so try and use this before going out .

Remember that its always better to use natural treatments on your body/hair instead of treatments that are filled with chemicals. Natural is always better!

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