It’s not just wrinkles that give away our age, it’s also the firmness of our skin. When we’re young, we have lots of elasticity and ‘bounce’ and our jaw lines are more defined. This is because our body’s collagen supply is still going strong. Alas, as we get older, it starts to slow down and that’s when wrinkles and (gasp!) a bit of sagging start to set in.


Fortunately, there are lots of things we can do to preserve as well as boost our skin’s natural collagen supply. For example, not smoking and applying a good antioxidant-rich sunscreen every day you set food outside are two little things we can do to protect what we’ve got. As far as encouraging more goes, a good way to do that is via a skincare routine that includes lots of collagen-boosting actives, ingredients like retinol and vitamins C and E. All three have antioxidant properties too!


For the record, topical products containing collagen won’t be able to help you bump up your reserves as the molecule is too large to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. When you spot it on the ingredients list, know that it’s merely there to act as a hydrator.


Yep, you can drink it


It’s depressing to learn that applying collagen to your skin is almost useless, but there is another way to get it into your body and that’s via your diet. iSkin Super Collagen + C tastes delicious and contains the vitamins and minerals that are essential for the formation of collagen as well as a collagen peptide called Peptan.


When collagen molecules hit your stomach, your digestive system gets to work, breaking them down so they’re easier to absorb and the end result is peptides, the building blocks of collage. Being able to consume Peptan, a highly bioavailable peptide, so directly is great as it’s the fast track to renewing our body’s own collagen supply. It’s a proven fact too. Studies have shown that drinking Peptan can increase your skin’s collagen density, decrease the fragmentation of collagen and reverse its degradation, something that occurs during the ageing process.


More reasons to want Peptan in your stomach? It can also increase our body’s production of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that has the ability to attract and hold many times its own weight in water, making it a wonderful moisturiser.


A bit about vitamin D3


While iSkin Super Collagen + C is a multitasking must-have, another great collagen-preserving supplement is Lamelle Ovelle D3. It contains pynogenol, a pine bark extract that serves as a mega-antioxidant, and vitamin D3. Essential to the natural production of fresh, new collagen, vitamin D3 can minimise acne and reduce the appearance of pigmentation.


Supplementing vitamin D3 is a good idea because many don’t get enough of it via the sun if they’re always wearing sunscreen, but it’s especially vital for vegetarians and vegans because, while you can get vitamin D2 from eating plants, vitamin D3 comes from animal-sourced foods, like egg yolk, liver and oily fish.

The bottom line


If you’re wanting to prevent the effects of premature ageing, protecting and increasing your body’s natural collagen supply is essential. This means making little lifestyle changes and applying the right lotions and potions – those that contain proven collagen-encouragers. You could also invest in a series of collagen-boosting in-office treatments like laser therapies and skin needling, all of which are used in our many Skin Tightening & Anti-Ageing Solutions.


As our body’s collagen reserve starts to decrease from as early as our 30s – and even sooner if we don’t look after it – now is the time to start paying attention to it. Prevention is always better than cure and you’ll be rewarded with a more youthful-looking complexion for longer.

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