Aesthetic medicine is an exciting field where new treatments, new technologies and ongoing research offer the patient many wonderful options to suit their concerns and their budget. In an era of such great aesthetic opportunity, why not take advantage to look and feel your best? This month we focus on the injectable treatments such as Botox®/Dysport® and dermal fillers.


Who should I see for my injectables?

When getting Botox®/Dysport and dermal fillers, it is essential to consult with a doctor that specialises in these procedures to maintain a natural look best suited to the contours of your face. Each person’s requirements are different. It is, therefore, crucial to consult with someone who is up-to-date with the latest techniques in this ever-advancing field, and someone who performs these treatments on a regular basis. Your face deserves the best.


Is it important to use specific injectable products?

It is essential to ensure that the institution you choose make use of genuine products. Unfortunately, there are cheap and nasty alternatives available on the market. A good doctor will customise the type of injectable required according to your age and area of concern. Price is also an excellent indicator as to whether or not the products used are legal and genuine.


Which injectable does what?

Botulinum Toxin (Botox®/Dysport) relaxes muscle movement and is ideal for lines and wrinkles that appear due to repetitive movement. These anti-wrinkle injections can give you a brow lift, minimise your crow’s feet, smooth out your forehead and reduce your barcode lines.

Dermal fillers, on the other hand are used to add volume to the face and restore facial shape. They work by filling in wrinkles and deep lines, like nasal labial folds and marionette lines. They also plump areas that have lost fat pads, such as the cheeks, under-eye area and temples. Finally, they are used to restore lip volume and under-eye hollows.


If you are considering injectables and want professional advice, speak to a Skin Renewal Doctor to help you make an educated decision. 

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