Summer is all about colour

Summer is all about colour, from the tropical nail polish shades we choose for our pedicured feet, to the beautiful sun-kissed hues that we select for our hair. While we love the warmer months, the fact of the matter remains that UV rays coupled with chlorine from the swimming pool and salt from the sea can do much to damage our carefully coloured tresses.

That’s why leading hair care brand, Pantene developed its Protect & Shine collection, to ensure that no matter what colour we choose, our beautiful locks are given the very best protection along with added volume, smoothness and shine. It’s the best summer solution this year for colour-treated hair, keeping our look fresh no matter how much time we spend in the sun or out in the water.

Sun in Our Hair

Pantene’s Pro-V science not only nourishes colour treated hair but it also improves the way light interacts with our hair, which is perfect for when we’re out in the summer sun. From natural beach waves to a beautiful evening up-do, Pantene protects and locks in colour, smooths, protects and provides a healthy shine. The result is nourished, beautiful and shiny hair.

The Science of Pantene’s Pro-V Formula

Leading hair care specialist and trichologist, Dr John Gray explains the science behind Pantene’s Pro-V science formula: “The reason Pantene makes hair look so beautiful lies in its Pro-Vitamin B5, or Panthenol, as it is otherwise known. Pro-Vitamins penetrate deep into the cortex of each hair strand remarkably improving hair health, strength and elasticity from deep within.”

“Pantene’s Pro-V compound disperses in water and spreads through the shampoo lather as small molecular structures. As the hair becomes wet and swells, the cuticles become more porous, allowing water to enter easily. At this stage, the water-soluble polymers in the shampoo help deliver Pro-V to the hair strand and as diffusion of the Pro-V molecules occurs, the Pro-V moves from the exterior of the hair into the inner core of the hair. Pro-V is therefore delivered deep into the hair shaft, reaching the core and helping to nourish the hair,” adds Dr Gray.

Beach Ready Waves

Pantene’s Pro-V collections offer various formulations to address specific hair needs and the Colour, Protect, Shine collection is no different. The range aims to restore colour brilliance so that we can maintain our beach ready waves with as little upkeep as possible. By indulging our hair with Pantene’s Pro-V formula, we no longer have to fear the effects of the sun’s UV rays and with the Protect & Shine range that follows, we can let our gorgeous locks shine: 

The Protect & Shine shampoo adds a protective layer to help seal in colour and leaves it looking vibrant.  Massage into wet hair to create lather, rinse and follow up with the collection’s conditioner

Recommended Selling Price: R39.99 (250ml)

Conditioning, adding a protective layer to help seal in colour and infusing hair with healthy looking radiance and shine is what the Protect & Shine conditioner does best. Apply from the root to the ends of the hair and rinse thoroughly

Recommended Selling Price: R39.99 (250ml)

The Protect & Shine two-minute masque is a treatment that intensively protects coloured hair. With its “Double Effect Complex”, it deeply nourishes coloured or highlighted hair to help repair signs of hair damage leaving it with a vibrant shine. Apply into damp hair beginning from the tips and massage upwards. Let the formula work for two minutes, rinse thoroughly and proceed to your style routine

Recommended Selling Price: R66.99 (200ml)

For instant protection and healthy looking shine for coloured or highlighted hair try the Protect & Shine spray which also features a Double Effect Complex to add radiant shine for a healthy-looking finish with immediate results.  Spray evenly onto damp hair after washing and leave in. For optimal results, use after every hair wash

Recommended Selling Price: R56.99 (150ml)

The Colour Brilliance serum gives vibrance to coloured or highlighted hair. Dispense a small amount on the fingertips and specifically apply to the ends and sparingly on the top portion of the hair. Do not rinse

Recommended Selling Price: R66.99 (75ml)

The Protect & Shine soufflé is a luxurious air-whipped Pantene Pro-V formula with a blend of four moisturisers to transform colour-treated dry hair into intensively moisturised hair with a healthy looking shine. Shake well, dispense into the palm, distribute beginning from the tips into damp or dry hair and proceed to styling routine

Recommended Selling Price: R66.99 (150ml)

Get to the Root of Summer Hair

There are no quick fixes for sun-damaged hair and only by getting to the root of dryness and lacklustre tresses will we restore brilliant summer shine to our locks. Only through health, can we enjoy long-lasting beautifully coloured hair. Pantene’s Shine & Protect collection deeply nourishes hair, maintaining its protein and preserving its natural strength from deep within.


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