Tips to avoid a chip

For the everyday working lass, keeping your manicure perfectly solid is sometimes a challenge, as we do not have minions at beck and call to repaint a smudged nail. Being perfect in life may be dull, but perfect nails . . . is a must, and just plain fabulous.

If you are on the go and never find time to let your nails dry 100%. Here are a few suggestions on how to avoid ruining your manicure.

  1. Alcohol

Constantly using hand sanitizers will damage and erode the topcoat. High levels of alcohol in hand sanitizers make your nails appear duller, so wash your hands with organic and sweet smelling soap.

  1. SMSing

Just don’t. If it is that important that you it cannot wait 10 minutes, make a phone call. Every little tap of those buttons (if you are still old school) is a tiny trauma to your nails.

  1. Drying shortcuts

Some people wave their hands in the air and sit in front of fans, but some ladies . . . submerge their hands in ice-cold water as a drying shortcut. This, my dear ladies, is not as clever as you may think. Manicurist Ruth Viviano advises how cold water causes the nail edges to flare, resulting in cracks in the polish.

  1. Body or facial scrubs

You know how these scrubs take off the outer layer of your skin, well Deborah Lippmann says that these scrubs will do the same to the top layer of your mani. Try avoid using these scrubs after a recent manicure.

  1. Folding laundry

Don’t fold laundry straight out the dryer as the heat will soften the nail polish and will fade the colour. This also applies for when you are cooking over high-temperatures. Be careful.


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