As the days become shorter, the nights longer and the days colder, winter also means a change for the skin. Due to the cold winter air containing no humidity and causing the natural oils in the skin to dry up, resulting in a loss of moisture, the skin becomes itchier and drier. The obvious solution is to get out of the colder weather to protect the skin, but the dry air of indoor heating systems has the same effect on our skin.


During pregnancy, the skin is prone to be drier and more sensitive, as it stretches and makes room for your little one. With the skin being more fragile than usual, stretchmarks are a big risk. The skin stretches up to 1 metre during pregnancy, making the skin vulnerable to the effects of the big stretch and the cooler, harsher weather. It is essential that we therefore protect and care for it. As we would wear a big fluffy winter coat to protect ourselves from the cold, so our skin needs protection through product application.


How Omegas affect the skin:

  • Anti-inflammatory effect on the skin which will help with sensitive skin during pregnancy.
  • Anti-ageing, as omegas preserve the lipid barrier between the upper and lower layers, this preserves a youthful appearance.
  • Flexibility, the skin is kept flexible during the 1 metre stretch of pregnancy and allows the skin to snap back afterwards.
  • Stretchmark prevention, as the skin is kept flexible and itch free. Do you know that scratching itchy skin during pregnancy can cause the skin to tear and stretchmarks to form?
  • Increased cell fluidwhich helps maintain moisture levels in the skin.

By applying Omegas topically, you will get the immediate benefits of strength and elasticity to your skin. Continual and plentiful use of omega 3, 6 and 9 will nourish the lipid layer of the skin, helping to maintain the suppleness, elasticity and hydration.

Prep and protect your radiant pregnancy glow through the winter season

Prep and protect your radiant pregnancy glow through the winter season

Essential Winter must haves:

Tummy Rub Butter and Oil:

Similar ingredients but very different applications, these are winter must-haves for the mom-to-be.

  • Tummy Rub Butter gives a thick protective application while the Tummy Rub Oil gives a lighter non-oily application that will protect and soothe fragile skin.
  • Both increase the skin’s strength and elasticity, protecting against stretchmarks and allowing the skin to snap back after the big stretch.
  • Omega Moisture nourishes and protects against the harsh winter climate and the effects of pregnancy on the skin.
  • Soothes itchy tummies and prevents scratching which could cause skin damage and stretchmarks.


Pregnancy Massage:

The skin can metabolize Omegas from surface application, making them the ideal massage medium. Mama Mio has taken the next step by not only creating a luxurious spa treatment for the mom-to-be, but has also ensured that all mediums used to perform the pregnancy treatments are nourishing, beneficial and protective. Starting with an Omega massage oil containing a powerful dose of omegas, to perform a relaxing and safe massage and ending with a generous application of Tummy Rub Oil and Butter on the precious bump.


Key Benefits of a Mama Mio pregnancy massage:

  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Calms irritated and stressed skin, especially during winter times
  • Ease heavy legs, energises and reduces swelling, as well as stimulates circulation
  • Ease itchy skin
  • Ease physical tension and discomfort in the back and shoulders
  • Ease psychological and physiological tension through head massage
  • Maximise therapeutic qualities of Gravida oils- a blend of oils especially chosen and blended for the sensitive pregnant nose.


Mama Mio is definitely the perfect treat all year round, however, due to the Omega moisture and carefully thought out applications and techniques, Mama Mio offers the perfect winter solution for protection and nourishment.


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