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Pros, Cons, Costs and Suitability of Wax Strips, Hair Removal Creams & Lotions

Wax Strips

Quick, fuss free and really simple to use, wax strips are very popular. Affordable, with no heating required and convenient to travel with, they tick all the depilatory boxes for a busy lifestyle. Modern formulations offer skin – soothing and moisturisation benefits.

  • Pros
    • No mess, no fuss – completely hassle free
    • Long lasting results ( up to 6 weeks, depending on individual )
    • No overheating issues in terms of wax temperature
    • Pre-cut strips in convenient sizes appropriate to the area you wish to wax
  • Cons
    • Less effective on longer, coarser hair
    • Some women experience discomfort when using strips
  • Costs
    • Around R 30 for 12 body strips
  • Suitability
    • Suitable for finer hair
    • Suitable for all skin types

For best results after using any wax product, be it hot wax or wax strips, it’s important to keep the skin well moisturised and exfoliate regularly to avoid ingrown hairs.

Cream and Lotions

Increasingly popular, these product breakdown the hair structure from just below the skin line, so have better longevity compared to shaving. With innovation and modern technology, some products include great moisturising benefits and can even work while you shower. Specialist products like facial hair removal creams include pre and post removal balms to protect delicate skin. Ensure all product is rinsed off after use and moisturise the treated area regularly.

  • Pros
    • No “ouch” factor
    • Quick, convenient and easy to use, no experience necessary
    • Results are longer lasting than shaving
  • Cons
    • Less effective on longer, coarser hair
    • Some products have an unpalatable odour
  • Costs
    • Around R 40 for 100ml
  • Suitability
    • Suitable for all types of skin, but a patch test prior to use is recommended

Mandy’s wide range of superior hair removal creams, lotions and waxes are made specifically for home use; so they’re easy to use, offer long-lasting results and are made from the finest quality ingredients to ensure your skin is left velvety soft, silky smooth and perfectly pampered!


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