The latest fashion is forever changing and trends come and go but there are a few exceptions. 


The full skirt.


The skirt that is nipped in at the waist and flows out into an A line silhouette will always be an item females enjoy wearing for the reason that the skirt fits exactly how it should where it should. Making the waist cinched has a slimmer effect and the full skirt makes the waist look even smaller. Every lady loves that.


Animal prints.

The trends might change slightly to neon, pastels and monochrome colour schemes but one thing is for sure and that is the fact that we always find ourselves reverting back to animal prints being leopard, cheetah and zebra prints.


The button up cardigan.

Most of us own a plain cardigan that button’s up in the centre front. This is considered to be a timeless key item as it practical and add’s an extra layer of warmth. Not only is it very comfortable but it goes with almost anything!


The minimalistic look. 

Less is more. This couldn’t be more accurate. A plain black dress will always look great and even the casual blue denim jeans with a white top will always work. There is a certain level of sophistication that comes with the minimal, simplistic look.




Florals are a huge hit at times and at others they’re kept more on the down low but no matter what, florals will always be here to stay. One season it will be awesome to have intricate floral details and prints where as the next season it would be better to have a larger more placement print based floral design.

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ashlee jade reynolds

I am a fashion student in my 3rd and final year at FEDISA.I love anything to do with fashion and enjoy researching and writing on different fashion related topics.I also enjoy fashion photography and styling. I take photo's of people who I think are interestingly dressed and share their style with all of the readers. I also love to draw inspiration from fashion and keep readers inspired by different quotes. One of my favourite quotes are "Style is a way of saying who you are without actually having to speak"

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