“Glamour is something you can’t bear to be without once you’re used to It.” – Loretta Young

By Julie Farrell

Some consider glamour to be a red lip accompanied by a slight cat eye – others see natural beauty as glamour. This is glamour according to intern, Julie Farrell.


American Swiss: Brown leather wallet

Every woman needs a great wallet and a brown classic one fits into almost all wardrobes. It’s worth investing in a leather one as their longevity pays off. This one from American Swiss is great because it has enough space for all neccesities and can also be used as a clutch. American Swiss have a variety of colours, the brown is just my favourite for winter!


American Swiss: Morganite Ring

This elegant ring stands out on its own or is perfect for this season’s trend, ring stacking. It’s sterling silver band compliments the solitaire Morganite in the centre. What I love most about this product is the design of the ring band as it narrows excentuating the stone in the centre. This piece is something you can wear for years to come.


American Swiss: Michael Kors Runway watch

Every woman should own a good watch and Michael Kors’ variety of designs can please nearly every woman’s style. On my lust list is this “Runway” watch with a black and gold chronograph. The classic black and gold combination ensures a sophisticated image with a fun chuncky bracelet effect. If you aren’t a fan of this colour mix, Michael Kors offers a number of different other ones that stand out too.

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Jenni Button: Hampton Black Bag

This versatile black bag is perfect for work or running around town. What stands out on this design is its classic detailing, made with quality leather with a cross hatch texture. It makes my top 10 list becasue of the clean structured lines and handy design. You can wear this over your shoulder or, for a more relaxed feel, hanging from your arm.

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Jenni Button: Herringbone Jacket White

One might be anxious about a white jacket but don’t be, with proper care it can last a life-time. This simple, but stand out item, can work with leggings and heels for a sophisticated look. Or it can be played down with jeans, ankel boots and open with a comfy vest underneath. What makes me fall in-love with this item is that it can be a staple for both summer and winter – layered up for the cold or a great addition on a cool summer night.


Dolce & Gabanna: Perfect Matte Liquid Foundation

For that natural finish, this product gives a flawless matte finish, no shine but with the SPF 20 protection you need. This foundation can work on all skin types especially oily-prone complexions. The reason I’m crazy for this item is because it can last up to 12 hours and is fragrance free! So ideal for people like me with sensitive skin who may be hesitant to wear a skin product everyday all day.


Dolce & Gabbana: Intense eau de parfum

I’m a strong believer that your scent should emminate the season you’re in. This fragrance is ideal for that winter chill as it captures, what D&G refere to as, a chemistry of “…refined and powerfully addictive contrasts”. I first fell for this fragrance because of its bottle – loving the burgandy glass and structured angles.


Dolce & Gabbana: Sunglasses 2107

My theory on sunglasses is that they are for every season – the hot sun in summer and cloudy glare in winter. It’s definitely worth investing in a good pair. I would go with these butterfly-shaped ones from D&G with tortoise-shell coulouring. I adore the femininity in the frames mixed with sturdy arms. Ideal for a glamorous look or stylish beach day.


Dolce & Gabbana: Optical lenses

So I know not everyone will need this product but for the woman out there who want to look stylish and sexy whilst being able to see properly these lenses are a hit. Being a big fan of the gold and black combo, I love these glasses. The selling point for them is how they represent classic style with the frame shape as well as a touch of sophistication with coulouring. They’re also not too round nor too rectangular, making them face-friendly for most face shapes.


Dolce & Gabbana: Monica Voluptuous Lipstick

This rich colour is perfect for winter, evoking the warmth we all need during the cold. Not only is it good for adding that sexy element to your look but this product is designed to leave lips looking plump and moisturised.

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