The in’s and out’s of TOPMAN

Topman has earned its sartorial stripes with an unswerving, energetic approach to producing truly exciting high-street men’s fashion.  Driving trends forward while shifting the way men approach shopping, the Brand’s attitude to creating brilliant, affordable and authoritative menswear is second to none.

Born in 1978, Topman is the male equivalent of successful stable-mate; Topshop.  With over 210 stores in its native Britain, almost every high street in the country boasts its very own slice of Topman.  London’s mega Oxford Circus flagship – one of several chief stores in the major cities throughout the UK – sees over 75,000 pairs of feet storm its two floors every week.  The rest of the globe is catching up too.  Here’s the math:  there are Topman stores in over 70 cities worldwide, stretching across 20 countries with boutiques in America, China, Germany, Belgium and Japan stock the Brand.

As one might suspect, its fashion forwardness continues into cyberspace with transactional website seeing over 450,000 unique visits per week and current shipping to over 100 countries across the globe.


TOPMAN Spring / Sumer 2013 Trends


This collection provides a fresh insight into fashion by referencing post-modern pioneers the Memphis group, as we take inspiration from their bold coloured art and retro mismatched furniture design.


A London based brand inspired by the big wide world. They aim to achieve better – right down to the finest details; harmoniously blending modern trends, traditional imagery and contemporary print, to bring you a truly unique premium garment that we know you’ll love.


Sportswear is reborn with a safari twist in this collection, which sees the likes of trainers and hoodies roaming free with wild animal prints.

Wearing standout print trainers and a snapback with a pair of plain jeans and a tee can still say a lot.

Go on an adventure with Topman. We promise we don’t bite!


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