U B .beautiful. is an innovative personal styling service, bringing U fresh ideas & a Unique approach to bringing out the beauty in every woman.

Between Raine, Simone & Christa, we have more than 42 years experience in the film, television & photographic stills industries as make-up, hair & special effects artists. We also work with professional stylists to bring U a tailor-made beauty and fashion package. In spite of our demanding film commitments, the three of us were brought together through our shared vision to create a service, which would make U look and feel like a Star. Although we continue to work as freelancers in the film industry, we have formulated a Unique business plan allowing us to honor our professional commitments and take turns building our company.

It’s a great system where “the keeper” manages the U B .beautiful. diary, liaises with clients & generally runs the business while keeping in touch with the two other partners (who are invariably working in remote parts of the country on film shoots).

With the support of our wonderful behind-the-scenes administration manager, Jan, we can continue to nurture our business from wherever we happen to be. Jan is the keeper of the book of words, the keeper of all our ideas & the keeper of the numbers, giving us the freedom to continue to learn and develop our skills as personal make-up artists to Stars & run our business from wherever we may be. Whether that’s answering emails at 10 in the evening from the rolling hills of the Transkei or compiling a schedule in the freezing desert dawn after a night shoot, we can do it all! Jan’s input & guidance is the glue that keeps
U B .beautiful. running smoothly.

Our Vision
U B .beautiful. believes that all women should be treated like stars . As ordinary women, we know that the secret to glowing confidence is the way we look & feel.
Make-up & hair certainly play’s a big part in that.

We are just passionate about Make-Up & would love U to be as inspired as we are about enhancing your own natural beauty – the experience is as FABULOUS as a day in the salon & all in the comfort of your own home!

We’ll show U not to hide, but enhance that something special that makes U Uniquely beautiful. This is your opportunity to look AMAZING and feel your best on any given day… whether U are at an event, work or having your friends over for a dinner party!

At the end of day; Lets love what we do & do what we Love & look fabulous while doing it !


I have been successfully working in the film industry for 17 years, on local & international commercials & feature films.
Disillusioned by the teachings of that time, I left school after standard 8 because I felt I needed to explore my creative side & being an avid movie watcher, was fascinated by make-up techniques & SFX.
My mom was a hairdresser & I thought I’d follow in a similar direction. I got my diploma in Beauty Technology & passed top of my class in Make-up Artistry with an international ITPTI diploma. I started working in the film industry at the age of 19.
I worked as an assistant for 9 years, taking time off between jobs to travel the world. Now, I love being a Make-up Artist; learning every day, being creative & getting paid to do it!
My new challenge is to take my practical knowledge and redirect it into writing for
U B .beautiful.

I have worked on movies including Flash backs of a Fool, 10 000 BC, Red Dust, Yesterday, Doomsday, Beyond Borders & many more.
I have worked with Hilary Swank, Leleti Khumalo, Orlando Jones, Dominic Purcell, Dee Wallace-Stone, Nthati Moshesh, Nambitha Mpumlwana & many more…
Thanks to my rewarding & demanding, career I am calm under pressure, have the stamina for long hours and am able to deal with many different personalities, situations & environments.
The way I see it: Why should only the Stars be privy to a Make-up Artist?
Everyone is A Star & everyone is beautiful.


After traveling extensively through Europe & Australasia after matric, I settled in London where I worked & studied to achieve my BTEC Diploma in Make-up Design. My vision was always to return to Cape Town & make my mark on the local film industry. I never dreamt
I would work with companies such as Universal, Warner Bros., Walt Disney and Columbia Pictures!

In the nine years I have been back in South Africa, I have worked on 10 000 BC, Doomsday, Last House on the Left, Poseidon Adventure, Flashbacks of a fool, Scorpion King, Young Black Stallion, E.R, No1 Lady Detectives Agency, to name a few. I have worked with local & international Stars such as Daniel Craig, Monica Potter, Gabrielle Anwar, Caprice, Bryan Brown, C. Thomas Howell; Marius Weyers… the list goes on.

I have always believed that the greatest Quality a person can have is Self Belief. When U believe in your own character & talents, U teach the world how to see U… and in turn how to treat U. Like-minded people begin to surround U with their visions & ideas for their futures … & before U know it, you’re off on an amazing journey.
Inspiration on your own is a wonderful thing … Inspiration in a group is Magical. There is no telling where the vision can lead!

“The Greatest gifts we can give to Ourselves, is Love, Respect & Belief …”


After graduating at the old Pretoria Technikon in Theater Crafts, I became a make-up artist almost accidentally. It’s now 15 fabulous years later & I’m still a make-up, hair & SFX artist in the movie industry.

I’ve worked on stills shoots, doing make-up for billboards & magazine ads with honeys such as Tanit Phoenix, Christina Storm & countless other beauties. I’ve worked in television & I’ve done more commercials than I can count. You can say I’ve got the, ‘I-just-woke-up-beautiful Look’ down pat!

My first love will always be movies. Working on movies takes U to incredible places & introduces U to some beautiful, famous & interesting people such as Nicholas Cage, Eamonn Walker, Catherine Bell & Sir Ian Holm among many others.
In my privileged career I’ve worked on A-grade television & movies such as 10 000BC, Triangle & Lord of War as well as smaller local movies such as Richardt van den Berg’s
(director of Faith like Potatoes) latest movie. What an honor that was.

After years of a very fulfilling, exciting & successful film career, it was time to expand and grow again. Hence, U B .beautiful. !

Trust me girls … We ALL look better with a little bit of make-up, even the gorgeous super models. But it’s essential to do it right. It’s what makes the difference between wearing mascara & looking like a star.
So come on… U B our Star, U B .beautiful !

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