Beaucience (pronounced: “Bo-ci-ons”) is a proudly South African, professional, effective, skin care brand. Specifically focusing on using NATURAL formulations and organic ingredients where possible. These natural ingredients are carefully chosen and combined to feed the skin with essential nutrients and to help the skin function as it should. We avoid using parabens (artificial preservatives), colourants, petrochemicals and sulfur. None of the ingredients used, nor the final products have been tested on animals. Beaucience has been designed for the environmentally conscious consumer, keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. Beaucience’s manufacturing process carries a certification by the Soil Association standards of Organic Health and Beauty care products.

As cosmetic scientists, we see many actives being used in products and the benefits they can achieve. This, together with new innovations in NATURAL anti-ageing skin care development, greatly inspired us. From this nature-inspired innovation, we wanted to create an affordable, accessible, highly effective, safe and all natural range for both men and women in the professional and retail markets.

Our passion is to perform advanced and detailed product research and development on every Beaucience product. The products are developed with the focus on real benefits to the skin, including product efficacy, safety, stability and longevity. The correct ingredients are used in the correct proportions to achieve the best, long lasting results. We are passionate about running trials to gain knowledge about the best and most effective ingredient blends before any Beaucience product is launched. We are passionate about creating the absolute best products possible.

Our vision is to use science to allow NATURE to perform at an optimal level for the skin’s benefit. 

To supply unique and exceptional ranges of anti-ageing skin care products, the natural way.


• We Respect and Believe in Quality
• Careful research
• Innovation
• Trust, Integrity, Reliability and Delivering on our Promises.




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