Originating in India, dry brushing has been around for well over 5,000 years and is increasing in popularity now that we are paying more attention to our health and wellbeing. Considering we brush our hair, our teeth and sometimes even our eyebrows, daily – it’s an easy addition to a daily routine.

Body brushing involves a dry massage (on fresh, clean and dry skin) with a high quality body brush and is designed to help not only leave your skin soft and vibrant, but also stimulates the lymphatic system, (this aids in the body’s ability to eliminate toxins), enhances blood circulation and can boost collagen production.

The best way to dry brush is just before a bath or shower by gliding the body brush over your dry skin using long, gentle and smooth upward strokes, moving toward the heart. This technique is said to help support the body’s natural circulation. Focus on each body part for about 30 seconds but take special care of delicate areas and spend a little extra time on joints and anywhere you feel tension. The whole process should take about 5 minutes, but feel free to take your time with it if you’re having an evening of relaxing self-care. 

Once the brushing is done, wash away any dead skin and impurities lifted by brushing, in the shower or bath, then apply a body lotion like Playgirl Body Sensuous Crème, which contains a unique infusion of skin-caring oils and vitamins, as well as rosehip oil to help lock in moisture and keep your freshly exfoliated skin glowing and vibrant. 

Zaweer Ebrahim, Brand Manager for Playboy and Playgirl Body Care says that this is not only for the ladies, but men should also take care of their skin. “Men can also look to include dry brushing in their routine as it’s a great way to maintain healthy fresh-looking skin in a simple way that requires no chemicals, and can be finished off with Playboy Code Black Body Cream.” He goes on to say that with the scent of woody and citrusy blend, strong notes of lavender and musk, you will smell as good as your skin looks.

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