You are standing in front of the mirror, making sure that each strand is in its perfect spot, when you notice that your hair is not as full as it used to be, and there seems to be more hair on your brush than usual.


Women often associate hair thinning with men; however, they are not immune to this phenomenon “We always hear about men going bald and about how there is nothing they can do about it, which sets us into panic mode when we notice a thin patch,” says Nomfundo Majozi, brand manager for Vigro®. “There is a difference between genetic hair loss, and non-genetic hair thinning, and the one thing to remember with the latter is that there are many factors that can contribute, and that they can be overcome.”


Majozi gives 5 reasons as to why women may be experiencing non-genetic hair thinning:

  • Pregnancy: The hormone changes in a woman’s body when she is pregnant allows for less hair to shed during this time, but when the hormones start to return to normal (around 12 weeks after the baby is born), the hair that was supposed to shed during the pregnancy starts to fall out. 
  • Stress: Physical stress such as a trauma can cause your hair to shed more than usual. When a stressful event occurs, your hair life cycle can be shocked into releasing the hair earlier than expected. This usually happens three to six months after the experience. 
  • Drastic weight-loss: Although most women would be ecstatic with some weight loss, dramatic weight-loss can have a stressful impact on your body. When you are not eating correctly you are depriving your body of much needed vitamins and minerals, and this can in turn affect the speed at which your hair sheds.
  • Medication: Certain medications can cause your hair to shed quicker than usual. It is best to ask your doctor when he prescribes medication you are unfamiliar with, if hair-thinning could be one of the side effects.
  • Over-styling: When it comes to looking your best, your hair needs to be part of the look. Pulling, tugging, over shampooing, styling and dyeing can harm your hair as the heat and chemicals can weaken it and cause it to break, and fall out. 


When non-genetic hair thinning is what is causing your hair to shed, Vigro® is on hand to restore it to its former glory. The Vigro® 3-Step System can assist the scalp by cleaning and opening the hair shaft preparing the scalp for penetration of the actives, as well as assisting hair follicles to reduce hair loss through the active ingredient Follicusan™ (topical products).* The Vigro® 3-Step System also provides a combination of vitamins and minerals needed to nourish your hair from within.*


*Efficacy of support may vary between users. Consult a medical practitioner for a diagnosis or if symptoms persist. Use as indicated. Vigro®3-Step System is not indicated for genetic hair loss.

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