Bright colour tones

Getting Spring Ready!

With winter almost out the door I'd say it's time to get your home Spring Ready!  I can't wait to enjoy the sunny days and we really need to embrace the fresh energy into our homes too.   There are...
Have fun framing

Have Fun With Framing!

Never under estimate the importance of framing your artwork correctly! Framing is the final finishing touch to any art piece, it is as important as positioning it. Selecting the right frame will enhance the...
Styling your Coffee Table


The main focus in any living room will be your 2 most pre-dominant pieces, the sofas and the coffee table.  Sofas can be easily decorated with scatter cushions and throws in accent colours and designs....


Lighting is the one design element that will have the greatest effect in a home.  Fact is, people always notice bad lighting, but will never pick up on good lighting!  A common mistake is that one is...

Unlimited Design Of Imagery Wallpaper

A huge trend in the wallpaper movement is the introduction of Imagery Wallpaper. It was initially introduced a few years back by graphic designers offering interior designers a new product.

Family Activities

Having a family of your own is one of the most enriching things a person would know in life. To keep a strong family bond it is important to do things together. We give you some activity tips.

Turn Up The Heat

With winters arrival we need to prepare our homes to be our warmest haven, keeping out the cold. Time to get creative and warm up by thinking and implementing something stylish into our homes!