falling of the wagon

Have You Fallen Off The Wagon?

What’s the ‘wagon’, and is it where your body is truly happy? The key challenge is not in knowing what you 'should' eat or how you 'should' exercise but in knowing what ‘should’ means for you...

Move Your Bootie

Quick quiz. How many muscles in the human body? 642. What are these muscles designed to do? Move your body. Housten, we have a problem! Our lives, work & play, has gotten more and more sedentary...

Can You Feel Your Perfection?

A mirror is a useful thing (think driving, hairdos and bomb squads); a scale too (think measuring quantities of sugar for chocolate fudge). But how useful are these tools for feedback on your body?

The Perfect Body

Summer is in the wings. Winter is exiting stage left. In a few weeks the curtain opens to one thing. The Beach! Time to panic!