Embracing the Values of Respect, Sanctity of Life and Love & Care, Little Eden is a registered non-profit organisation providing life-long care to children and adults with profound intellectual disability. 

Much more than just an establishment for those with special needs. Little Eden is a place of warmth. It is a community and heart-filled home where love and care are shared abundantly. Allowing life to pass its residents by, is not on the agenda for this care facility. Aside from the day-to-day therapy and activities such as: physiotherapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy, musical therapy and spiritual care – to name a few. Little Eden is continuously involved in spirit-lifting activities – bringing joy and purpose to their residents. Whether it be a special birthday celebration, a gathering in awareness of mental health or the fun festivities at their annual fete – Little Eden is always adding extra love and cheer to the lives of their residents.

67 Covid-Protective Shirts for Madiba Day

Andrew King, founder of the world’s first Covid-19 Protective Shirt has a deep connection to the Edenvale community, particularly to Little Eden and the work they do. Having run his Tattoo Shop (M&K Before Ink) in the area, allowed Andrew the opportunity to get to know this connected community. 

Donating 67 Pure-Air™ Covid-19 Protective Shirts to the Little Eden community last year, Andrew wanted to continue the good will and donate another 67 protective shirts to the staff and residents this year.

‘Last year we donated 67 Pure-Air™ shirts to help offer Covid-19 protection to some of the residents of the Little Eden Community, this year we aim to do the same. We hope to bring warmth and certified protection so that more of the community can breathe freely this winter.’ – Andrew King, Founder of the Pure Air™ Covid-19 Protective Shirt

Warmth and protection are two key elements to consider this Winter. Not only for the residents of Little Eden, but for us all. Mask-culture has fast become a daily uniform, but better protection may allow us the freedom to stay connected to our communities.  The Covid-protective shirt can be worn as an outer garment or as a vest, layered underneath your clothing. The mouth-covering part can easily be pulled up over the face to offer government-aligned standard protection against the virus – or dropped back down to the neck without becoming a hinderance. In addition to the standard protection, a medical grade ISO14664 protective filter can be inserted into the mouth-covering part of the shirt – and used in high-risk situations – i.e.: hospital visits and grouped gatherings.

With the usually very hands-on Madiba Day taking a more cautious approach this year. We hope that community members will find safer ways to join together and to give back to communities – who truly rely on its efforts. 

To donate or learn more about Little Eden and the work they do you can reach them by phone at + 27 11 609 7246 or by email at info@littleeden.org.za or you can visit their website https://www.littleeden.org.za/

For all covid-protective shirt enquiries, please contact Andrew King at info@pure-air.com or head over to their website https://www.covidprotectiveshirt.com/  for more information on the Covid-19 Protective shirt.

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