During the winter, it’s hard not to think of those less fortunate – the homeless and poor who don’t have access to warm food or shelter. While poverty is still a huge problem in South Africa, there are changemakers working to provide warmth to others. We want to acknowledge these people, and let you know what you can do to make a difference in others’ lives, as well as your own.

Keeping warm

The Mustadafin Foundation is focused on keeping people living in informal settlements safe and dry this season by providing them with disaster relief, hot food, water and blankets.

This winter, the #ActsofWarmth campaign has exploded on social media, as celebrities and ordinary people have donated items such as umbrellas, blankets, scarves and food, and tagged their activity to remind others to give back.

If you want to make a difference this season, try to perform an #ActofWarmth, or donate to or volunteer with The Mustadafin Foundation or one of the many other organisations committed to alleviating poverty. Giving back is guaranteed to not only warm the lives of those you’re helping, but also your heart.

Making a difference in your own life 

Helping others is guaranteed to make you feel warm inside, but don’t forget to devote time to yourself, your family and your home this winter! There are a couple things you need to remember to do to keep your own house warm and dry, including maintaining your heating system and making sure heat isn’t leaking out through windows and doors.

You’ll also want to make the inside of your house feel cozy while the wind is howling outside. Try out some simple changes you can make so that your décor feels warmer, like adding accessories such as rugs, candles and throws.

And just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should abandon your garden. There are plenty of things that need to be done to prepare for spring – roses need to be pruned, new plants can set in the soil and you can still grow hardy perennials and root vegetables!

While you’re redecorating and gardening, don’t forget to tend to your relationships as well! Winter doesn’t mean that your love life has to cool off. Snuggle together in front of the fire, experiment with cooking together, or try some other activities to rekindle your romance!

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