Margot Janse running to raise funds for The Kusasa Project

Le Quartier Français’ Award Winning Executive Chef Margot Janse will this month be competing in the Cape Town Marathon – happening on Sunday, 22 September. New to the marathon circuit; Margot and her running partner, Co-Founder of Truckles Traditional Cheese and Blazing Grey Saskia Blaisse, are not just participating in the marathon for fun.

Both Franschhoek locals – who have named themselves Virgin Orange – they have gone through many early mornings and done countless kilometrers of training to raise funds for a cause that is close to their hearts.

Below, Margot speaks about The Kusasa Project, running for a reason and her carbo-loading meal prep:

Q1 : Tell us more about The Kusasa Project and how you, Saskia and Le Quartier Français’ are involved in supporting it?

The Kusasa Project uses direct intervention to address the educational and social needs of over 1000 poor children in Franschhoek. A thousand breakfasts are provided every day at Dalubuhle and Wes Eind Primary School.

Le Quartier has been raising the funds for these meals over the last 2 years. Saskia and I are involved in this and discussed running the Cape Town Marathon and raising money for Kusasa’s much needed kitchen equipment and storage while doing so.

Q2: What makes you believe in and continue to support The Kusasa Project?

A child cannot learn on an empty stomach. Kusasa makes a huge difference in many children’s lives through education. Children need good education and proper nutrition. They go hand in hand.

Q3: Why would you encourage people to run the Cape Town Marathon for their own cause?

It makes you more determined to start and finish it. It also brings a different level of support from friends and people that see you going at it so many days a week.

Q4: Has your commitment to The Kusasa Project helped you and Saskia to get up and train on the cold winter mornings?

Certainly.  This is also a personal goal; we want to do this and so we will. Raising money for Kusasa seemed a natural progression. We also hope that it will make others realise that there are many more ways of helping out.

Q5: How is your final Cape Town Marathon training going?

The training has been great, especially when you do it with a very good friend. We keep each other motivated and disciplined. It is not always easy in the Cape winter but we gearing up for our 30km training next week and I know it will be great!

Q6: Have you prepared a special meal to help you carbo-load before the race?

Of course! Starting a few days before Cape Town Marathon race day, we’ll keep it simple and not too fatty. Important is a lighter meal the night before and carbohydrates before the race. I will probably prepare a risotto with slow cooked chicken and fresh herbs.

Q7: What are your Top 3 Tips for anyone looking to run their first marathon?

1.      Train with a good friend and listen to people that have done it before.

2.      Have a plan and stick to it. Follow a training schedule that appeals to you.

3.      Tell everybody you are doing it…….

The Cape Town Marathon is happening on Sunday, 22 September 2013. Join friends and family at the Green Point Stadium Forecourt finish and support Virgin Orange as they cross the line; or enter the race online at and run to raise funds for your own cause.

Donate to The Kusasa Project here:

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