The City’s Recreation and Parks Department hosted a tree planting event with the community of Summer Greens as part of the many tree planting initiatives throughout the city during Arbor Month. An educational outdoor learning experience which included colour-in activities also formed part of this event. Read more below:

The Mayoral Committee Member for Community Services and Health, Councillor Zahid Badroodien together with the community of Summer Greens today hosted an Arbor Month event by planting ten Waterpear trees. The event included an interactive educational programme where learners from Busy Buddies, Kids Buzz and Mother’s Love Pre-Primary Schools were provided the opportunity to spark their creativity in an outdoor classroom. The councillor for ward 4, Councillor Mlulami Ngeyi, also attended the event. 

The event which took place at Tinkers Road Park in Summer Greens was attended by more than 60  pre-primary school learners who were engaged in a range of popular recreational activities by City staff, such as crafts, tree art with leaf handprints and storytelling in their local park. Tinkers Road Park is one of four parks in the Summer Greens community. 

‘It’s wonderful to see how the children enjoyed the outdoor activity and by doing so learned the important role that trees and plants play in biodiversity and a healthy eco-system in a built environment. Combining tree planting with educational activities is all about adding value to an important learning experience,’ said Councillor Badroodien.

With this year’s theme of ‘Forests and Sustainable Cities’, Arbor Month plays an important role in the greening of open spaces in Cape Town.

The Summer Greens tree planting event is one of many being held around the city in celebration of Arbor month. 

Other events included;
The Bonsai Display at the Cape Town Civic Centre took place from 2 to 6 September and demonstrated techniques for maximising space by planting bonsai, thereby conserving and enhancing the environment.

The Concourse Display at the Cape Town Civic Centre displayed the top 15 most planted trees in Cape Town. The display was in a beautiful park setting with benches, a bicycle, artificial birds, squirrels and garden gnomes.

The Jack Muller Tree planting took place on 10 September 2019. With the assistance of Totius Primary School, the Friends of Jack Muller Park, George and Annie Starck Homes, and representatives from Parkrun, a Yellowwood tree was planted as part of an educational initiative.


‘We hope that the communities and especially the youth will recognize the value of trees and assist us in planting and protecting our natural heritage so that future generations can enjoy green open spaces in an urban environment.  We would like to encourage residents  to get into the spirit of Arbor Month and play their part, however big or small it may be, in greening our city. Planting trees and  shrubs in gardens is a positive experience and will help raise awareness about the importance of appreciating and giving back to the natural environment,’ added Councillor Badroodien.       

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