The award-winning winery of Bonnievale has added an exciting innovation to its portfolio of quality wines. Introducing NEAT: a Sauvignon Blanc that bursts with flavour and contains less than 0,5% alcohol. 

The new de-alcoholised wine is great for anyone watching their intake, whether at a business lunch or as designated driver. Less alcohol also equals less calories, so Bonnievale NEAT is soft on the waistline too. Enjoying NEAT means there’s no need to compromise on taste or a good time!

“Low alcohol offerings have boomed around the world. NEAT has been two years in the making because we wanted to be sure the wine met quality standards, sensory consistency and sheer enjoyability,” says Bonnievale Wine Group CEO John Barnardt. “What we have here is a varietal wine we’re proud to include in our range.” 

The wine was made from this year’s harvest and displays flavours and aromas typical of the cultivar. 

“NEAT Sauvignon Blanc 2020 is fruit-driven on the nose and tropical in style,” says Bonnievale winemaker Marthinus Rademeyer. “There are notes of passion fruit, guava and gooseberries. The palate is broad, crisp and refreshing, showing those same fruit characters that linger in the finish.”


The wine is being rolled out to retailers and restaurants around the country. Its recommended retail price is R65/bottle. 

It can also be delivered to your door via purchases made through Bonnievale’s online store, located at

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