You can tell summer’s coming. The frequency and volume of kids’ voices clamouring for cool drinks has risen and the sunlight is glinting off the recycling bags filled with empty cans and bottles.


This summer there might be a way to cut down on the waste, keep the children hydrated and entertained and possibly even encourage them to make slightly healthier choices. What’s more it’ll cost you less that constantly having to stock up on cool drinks and bottled water.


Those of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s will remember the SodaStream. Now this once near-ubiquitous feature of South African kitchens is trendier than ever in a series of elegant, fun and sleek designs and a range of flavours from sensational red apple to zero Lime.


The new flavours offer much more than the colas and cream sodas of yesteryear. Although the classics are still available the range now includes grapefruit, mango, cranberry and kiwi, amongst others.


With modern consumers tending to be more health conscious, sugar content is 1/3 that of conventional fizzy drinks. There is also a naturals or free range which contains no artificial colourants, flavours, preservatives or sweeteners.


Besides cutting down on waste and the possibility of enticing children with choices that are fun to make, delicious to consume and offer healthier options, cost is also compelling. On average a litre of SodaStream sparkling water costs R3.33 per litre to make.


If you still need convincing here are some simple-to-make, refreshing and healthy summer recipes to tempt the kids and maybe even try yourself.


Strawberry Mint Sparkling Water

Use your SodaStream to prepare a glass of fresh, sparkling water and pour it into a tall glass. Dice three strawberries and add these. Wash the mint leaves and add a few. Allow to stand for a few minutes to extract the flavour from the mint and strawberries.


Peach Iced Tea

Fizz a litre of cold water and flavour with the free peach iced tea mix. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon and add a cinnamon stick. Stir and allow to stand for a few minutes. Garnish with diced peach and serve.


Kids’ Raspberry Coolers

Prepare enough free raspberry cranberry soda to fill a jug. Add some fresh organic raspberries and garnish with mint.


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