This recipe is taken from Clover Mama Afrika Recipe Book – I cook, because we eat! and will most definitely be a winner among those you share it with. 

The recipe book has in part been subsidized by Clover because we believe that good food and great memories shouldn’t be limited by price. Also, by purchasing the cookbook, you will be actively helping ladies around South Africa achieve their small business dreams through the Clover Mama Afrika project, which aims to identify women who are already agents of change in their communities and helps train them to become self-sustaining women with skills which they can use to derive an income from, in order to support orphaned and abused children and the elderly and infirm.


Makes 12 large desserts


½ tin Ideal Milk, refrigerated overnight

1 ½ t (about 5g) – Gelatine powder mixed with 15ml cold water

1 packet Lemon jelly

½ cup (125ml) – Boiling water

1 cup (250ml) Cold water

¾ cups (120g) Castor sugar

230g (2 tins) Granadilla pulp

1 packet (200g) Tennis biscuits, crushed


1.                Prepare the jelly with 250ml boiling water.

2.                Add the gelatine mix to it and stir until dissolved.

3.                Add the 250ml cold water, stir well and refrigerate – it must not set fully.

4.                Beat Ideal milk until thick in a big mixing bowl. Gradually add castor sugar once Ideal milk is stiffly beaten and continue beating to keep it thick.

5.                Add the jelly mixture to the milk mixture, lightly beat until well combined.

6.                Add ½ the granadilla and beat – it will thicken very quickly.

7.                Using pretty glasses, alternate layers of granadilla milk jelly with biscuits, finishing with a granadilla milk jelly layer.

8.                Refrigerate for at least 4 hours or overnight.

9.                Top with the remaining granadilla pulp just before serving. Serve cold.


*Make sure that the jelly is wobbly but not set when you start making the filling.

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