In the highest reaches of the Jack Daniel Distillery barrel house in Lynchburg, Tennessee, you’ll find a small number of hand selected barrels that will become Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel®. Just one in every 100 barrels of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey will make it to the top of the barrel house, where extreme temperature variations between the wood and the whiskey result in a taste profile unique to every barrel and the bottles it yields.

Each barrel is bottled, and the number of bottles (yield) is uniquely determined by the barrel and nature.

Former Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller, Jeff Arnett, hand-selected 45 barrels featuring the three unique taste profiles exclusively for TOPS at SPAR customers. From 20 October 2020, customers will have the ability to explore, collect and experience all three taste profiles.

This will be the first-time customers will be able to select a bottle of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel® by its unique taste profile – the taste profiles will be displayed on the medallion and packaging of each unique bottle. Each barrel yields a different number of bottles determined by nature, and each bottle from each barrel is numbered. Making this a first of its kind and a unique opportunity for whiskey lovers to explore and collect the unique taste profiles that each bottle yields.

These Jack Daniel’s Single Barrels® profiles range from ‘Full-Bodied and Robust’ to ‘Flavourful & Balanced’ and ‘Sweet Forward’:

●       Sweet Forward – Vanilla heavy with soft caramel and light oak.

●       Flavourful & Balanced – Heavy caramel with baking spice (anise and cinnamon) with a light finish of orange peel.

●       Full Bodied & Robust – Heavy spice with dark chocolate and a spicy rye finish, and oak forward.

While Single Barrel® is made Jack’s way, it’s best enjoyed your way. We recommend trying Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel neat, on the rocks or in a classic Jack Daniel’s cocktail, like an Old Fashion.

Bottled at 45% ABV, Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel® Select is a smooth Tennessee whiskey for celebrating the moments worth savouring.

From 20 October to 31 December 2020, whiskey lovers stand a chance to win one of 45 Single Barrel® Collectors sets from TOPS at SPAR. Each set features the seventh bottle of a Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel® hand selected for TOPS at SPAR, a crystal decanter set and the matching barrel head with corresponding barrel number to bottle. Winners will be announced on 29 January 2021. Follow TOPS at SPAR on social media for more details. 

To stand a chance to win, simply buy any Jack Daniel’s whiskey and scan in your till slip with the QR code, or visit

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NB: Your friends at Jack Daniel’s remind you to drink responsibly.

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