It’s out with the old and in with the new as Douwe Egberts’ instant coffee shows off its new, contemporary look for its Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence and Espresso Style classics range, and its Mocha Kenya origins’ variant.

Launching this fresh, new look this year Douwe Egberts is making a splash on supermarket shelves with its now curvy label and deeper, solid colours in the core range and having some fun with many colours and visuals in the Origin range, using the country of origin for inspiration. 

“We feel that the time is perfect for a Douwe Egberts makeover,” explains brand manager, Matthew Dees. “The brand is ready to take over the coffee aisle and reintroduce itself with a new vibrant, on trend look, while still offering its great, flavourful taste.”

Douwe Egberts’ freeze-dried instant coffee is one of South Africa’s much-loved coffee brands. A Dutch brand, Douwe Egberts introduced its quality coffee to the South African market in 2001. The core brand initially included four blends Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence, Pure Smooth and Decaffeinated. In 2010, the range was updated with four new blends appealing to different tastes and giving new options to South Africa’s coffee drinkers with a selection of taste notes and strengths.

“Douwe Egberts has always been synonymous with quality and consistency, and through this has become a household name across the world,” comments Dees. “The idea behind the new look is to freshen up the brand, giving it a look that everyone will take notice of, but the taste will always remain the same, continuing to be a favourite among coffee drinkers.”

Douwe Egberts is available at all retail supermarkets, with classic variants Pure Gold, Pure Indulgence and Espresso Style and the single origins variant Mocha Kenya available at a RRSP (Recommended Retail Selling Price) of R130.

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