Serves 2


2 x 180g fillet steak medallions 

2 Tbsp butter

2 large shallots, finely diced

1 clove garlic, minced

250g portabellini mushrooms, sliced

60ml / 4 Tbsp brandy 

125ml beef or mushroom stock

125ml cream

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce

Chives, to serve 

Salt and pepper, to taste 

Olive oil, for frying 


Rub the steaks with olive oil and season generously with salt. 

Heat a large heavy based frying pan over medium-high heat. 

When the pan is very hot, add the steaks and cook until well caramelised all over.

About 3-4 minutes each side for medium rare. 52-54˚C internal temp. 

Remove from the heat and set aside. 

Turn the heat down slightly and add the butter and shallots.

Cook until tender. Add the mushrooms and garlic and cook until fragrant and the mushrooms soften. 

Turn up the heat and tilt the pan away from you. 

Pour in the brandy and then carefully light it with a long match or lighter. 

Shake the pan gently until the flame dies down. Swirl the juices around the pan. 

Pour in the beef stock and bring to a simmer. Reduce slightly. 

Pour in the cream and add the Dijon mustard and Worcestershire sauce. 

Simmer until thickened. 

Taste to adjust seasoning. 

Return the reserved steaks to the pan on a bare simmer until the meat is warmed through.

To serve, plate the steaks and spoon over a generous amount of the sauce. 

Sprinkle with fresh chives. 

Serve alongside roast potatoes and a green salad. 

Pairing suggestion:

Pair with Hartenberg Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Blend 

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