Van Ryn’s Brandy Distillery near Stellenbosch is celebrating women in August with a special tour and tasting offer presented by a woman for women. 

Every Thursday in August, distillery manager and wine biotechnologist, Marlene Bester, will personally accompany guests on the 11:30 tour of the facility, showing them the antique copper potstills still used today, the maturation cellar, as well as a demonstration of a cooper assembling a French oak barrel. 

She will also be presenting tastings, where guests can sample the award-winning Van Ryn’s Collection Reserve range of brandies paired either with handcrafted chocolates or with Florentine biscuits.

Van Ryn’s commissioned renowned Cape chocolatier, Richard von Geusau, to make chocolates which match the brandies in the range. The 12 Year Old is partnered with a Cappuccino chocolate, the 15 Year Old with Cinnamon & Orange chocolate and the 20 Year Old with a French 70% cocoa chocolate.

The Florentines, baked exclusively for the five-star distillery, are laced with white chocolate or dark chocolate, dotted with nuts and different dried fruits to echo the flavours of the brandies.

To take the tour followed by one tasting option costs R90 a head.  Pre-booking is encouraged by calling 021 881 3875 or sending an e-mail to For more on Van Ryn’s, go to    

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