Mentholatum SA, a health and wellness company and the makers of Deep Heat and Deep Freeze, has announced the launch of its single (one use) applications across its Deep Heat and Deep Freeze ranges.

To offer consumers both affordable and convenient pain relief solutions, Deep Heat Muscle Massage Cream and Deep Freeze Cold Rub are now available in 15g sachets with the Deep Freeze Cold Patch now also available as a single patch (in addition to its original package of x4). 

“We are dedicated to providing effective solutions that not only satisfy, but exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Joanna Nel, Brand Manager for both the Deep Heat and Deep Freeze products. “By introducing our new offering of 15g sachets and single patch, our goal is to have our pain relief solutions be more readily available to a much wider audience.” 

The inclusion of a single sachet and patch provides far greater access to those consumers requiring a once off application and/ or a more affordable alternative to the higher grammage product options.  “The convenience factor also allows our consumers to easily tuck the 15g sachets or single patch into their hand- or gym bag, or even keep it on person, thereby ensuring readily available and easy on hand pain relief,” adds Nel.

Tried and tested across generations, Deep Heat and Deep Freeze are well known for providing clinically proven pain relief with Deep Heat offering solutions for warm up prior to exercise and Deep Freeze offering a range of products for after exercise.

Deep Heat Sachet (15g) offers pain relief for everyday aches and pains and muscular tension. Its heat therapy helps to ease pain and tension in muscles and joints whilst also serving as an effective pre-exercise warm up.

Deep Freeze Sachet (15g) is used to relieve pain caused by the swelling associated with inflammation and swelling. Scientifically proven cooling pain relief, Deep Freeze offers fast acting   pain relief for inflammation and swelling whilst also offering effective post exercise recovery. 

Deep Freeze Cold Patch (single) offers scientifically proven and fast acting cooling pain relief for up to 12 hours (long lasting) for arthritis, muscle and joint pain; inflammation and swelling; sprains and strains as well as also of benefit in post exercise recovery. 

The 15g sachets and single patches will be available at various retail outlets nationwide including forecourts, spaza shops and wholesalers or via the Mentholatum SA online shop (, as follows: 

  • Deep Heat Muscle Massage Cream 15g RSP R14.95
  • Deep Freeze Cold Rub 15g RSP R 12.95
  • Deep Freeze Cold Patch single RSP R 19.95

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