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South African DNA expert and founder of Trimega Labs, Avi Lasarow, is launching DNAFit both in South Africa and globally. Developed by Dr. Daniel Meyersfield and Lasarow Healthcare Technologies and the latest in DNA technology, DNAFit is the world’s first bespoke exercise programmes based on your genetic profile.

79% of people who go to the gym could be putting themselves at serious risk of injury by not following professional exercise plans, with nearly half unable to say if their DIY workouts are even working, according to a worrying new survey.

More than 63% said they made up their own plan with a further 1 in 7 admitting ‘I don’t really know what I’m doing.’ Only 21% said they followed a plan set by the gym or a personal trainer.

DNAFit is being launched on International DNA Day on April 25th – the 10th anniversary of the completion of the Human Genome Project which successfully mapped out our genetic code.

DNAFit Run, DNAFit Cycle and DNAFit Gym have been developed by UK-based Lasarow Healthcare Technologies, to help runners, cyclists and gym goers tailor the right exercise by testing a body’s genetic ability to cope with power and endurance, the propensity of getting soft tissue damage or strains and how much time is needed to rest between sessions.

The technology could help develop the elite Olympians and sports champions of tomorrow by helping them reach their full athletic potential.

The DNAFit products are ordered online and once you’ve completed a mouth swab to collect your DNA, it’s sent away for genetic testing. You will then receive a bespoke 27 page three month fitness programme with dietary, training and recovery recommendations as well as online support from personal trainers and nutritionists.

The majority of genes tested by DNAFit reflect an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. In total 21 polymorphisms – variants that make your genes unique – are tested. These variants split into three categories that relate to sporting performance.

1.     Power and Endurance

2.     Tendon Pathology

3.     Recovery

This information is extremely important to get the best out of your training because variation in your DNA has been estimated to account for 66% of athletic success.

When you receive your results from DNAFit, you will be classified as a: Power, Mixed Power/Endurance orEndurance ‘type’, with a profile of your body’s soft tissue and recovery disposition.

Power-based athletes are most likely to excel at events that require rapid bursts of power such as weight lifting, power lifting, sprinting and possibly body building.

Endurance-based athletes, on the other hand, are most likely to excel at long distance events like gym challenges that have no breaks in the routine. They are the individuals most likely to become invigorated from back-to-back aerobics classes, but may struggle with high-intensity weight lifting.

Mixed Power/Endurance athletes should experience best of both worlds: they can cope with reasonable duration of exercise, but not as much as endurance types and they can produce a decent turn of speed, but not as much as the power types.

Other insights from DNAFit’s OnePoll survey of 1,000 current or lapsed gym goers revealed:

  • 55% of people spend between two and four hours in the gym (average time is 3.1 hours)
  • 70% of people go to improve their fitness, 60% to lose weight and just over half go to tone up
  • People spend on average £25 per month (or £300 a year) on gym and classes
  • Gym goers spend the most time doing cardio work (42.5%), just over a quarter spend equal amounts of time doing a bit of everything and a quarter of men spend most of their time on weights
  • 54% of gym goers have fallen off the fitness wagon over the last 3 months
  • The reasons for failing to go to the gym were fatigue (29%), work (30%) and cost (21%)
  • Most men would like a body like Daniel Craig (28%) or David Beckham (27%)
  • Women would most like to have a body like Kelly Brook (20%), followed by Holly Willoughby (16%) and Olympic Gold Winner Jessica Ennis (16%)
  • 43% of men think if they had an exercise plan that brought out their full potential they could have been a professional sportsman

Personal Celebrity Trainer Matt Roberts & personal trainer to David Cameron, , said: “Recent events in the news have shown the dangers of training without professional advice. I find it remarkable nearly 80% could be putting themselves at potential risk from gym injuries by following DIY exercise plans.

“The beauty of DNAFit is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Each plan is tailored to a person’s individuality ability to cope with exercise, assesses the risk of potential injury and how much time your body needs to recover.”

Avi Lasarow, founder of Lasarow Healthcare Technologies, added: “This will revolutionise exercise as we know it. It means people will be able to work out in safety, knowing that the plan they’re following is the right one for them.”

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