first online therapy practice in South Africa

Please be advised of the launch of our new online psychotherapy practice, Samuel Waumsley Clinical Psychologists at, providing therapy online to the public via our automated e-commerce website and using Skype. Arrangements for sessions, bookings and payments are all handled through the website, where users are required to register with us before making a booking. We are now also launching a new service where prospective clients can, free of charge, briefly introduce themselves to and ask our psychologists about therapy before actually making a booking. Therapists work from consultation spaces where privacy is ensured.

Online therapy is a growing international phenomenon in psychotherapy, with there being already very established websites in the UK and US, some providing therapeutic services online to government health departments even in outsourcing arrangements. Examples of large overseas websites include and

There are also several research studies on internet-delivered therapy, and generally there is an indication that it is as effective as traditional face-to-face therapy in treating depression, PTSD and anxiety, among a range of difficulties, and with a comparable sense of therapeutic alliance between therapist and client.

Some online therapy is based on written material and is more structured, while some newer directions are in video calling sessions like Skype, which we employ. We are new to the market, which is as yet not familiar with online work, but we expect there to be growth as the local e-commerce market matures.

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