Digital solutions expert, Eiffel Corp, which currently provides a wide range of online services to hundreds of faculties and educators at every level, believes that digital learning will expand rapidly as people across the globe are forced to work and learn remotely due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

According to Myles Thies, Director of Digital Learning at Eiffel Corp, their digital solutions enable many businesses, universities and colleges to pivot quickly to online teaching and learning, in order to cope with a pandemic such as COVID 19, as well as strikes and disruptions which has seen the closure of campuses across South Africa for long periods of time, over the past couple of years.

Thies explains that Eiffel Corp has developed 1000’s of digital courses and digital learning artefacts that are currently being used in the online space. In addition to this, Thies says that on a strategic level, Eiffel Corp has also been assisting many institutions and companies to successfully move their learning programs online, in an effort to become more effective and relevant.

 “Eiffel Corp is all about technology and platform agnostics and works with technology stack, skills base and context to develop online learning situations that suit an institutions environment. We offer free advice, consulting, resources and artefacts and believe that we are strategically placed within the realm of digital solutions to assist individuals and institutions to rapidly transition to fully online instruction using an array of tools and platforms,” says Thies.

“At Eiffel Corp, we focus on the fundamentals of digital teaching, providing everything teachers should know via the quickest and best suited applications,” Thies explains. “Teaching and learning takes place in varied contexts. The Eiffel Corp DTX program will aid any educator to take what they need and translate that into personal action plans and activities to educate learners,” says Thies. 

The current  pandemic is forcing all businesses to investigate the limits of virtual working and teaching approaches. Thies believes that how people perceive the value and opportunities that online learning presents, will change rapidly in the future.

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