If you don’t Get Organised, the list could be endless. Get Organised is devoted to helping businesses and individuals get on top of life, creating time and space for the important things. Visit www.getorganised.co.za for your Free Starter Pack, Free Newsletter, Free Hot Tips and to find out how you can hire a professional organiser to assist in organising your life. Key Services

A Lasting Solution

In the process of becoming more organised our aim is to make sure you retain your sense of humor and that you do not become someone you are not. We provide a reputable service that focuses on a sustainable solution for individuals and companies. Many people are daunted by the thought of even starting to get organised. We walk you through the process with small steps ensuring that you never go backwards or run out of steam.
Our relationship with our clients is personal and unique – it is our ability to understand every situation that enables us to provide these lasting solutions.

Through being organised you will:

Accomplish more at work and at home
Gain control of your surroundings
Find things faster
Create streamlined processes
Meet important deadlines
Improve your quality of life

Personal ‘hands on’ organising sessions

A cluttered space is a cluttered mind. We help individuals and businesses to take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper, their possessions and their systems for life.

Training & Workshops

Inspirational, solution driven workshops and talks offered to groups to empower delegates to take action within their space, optimise their time and live a balanced life.

Organising Products

We are constantly looking at ways to make your life easier. We have an exciting range of workshop DVD’s and other organising products to help you take action.

Business Opportunity

If you are passionate about help people get organised and want to become part of our dynamic team, speak to us about our Franchise and Mentor opportunities.

About The Author

Hands up if you want an extra 2 hours a day? In the ideal world it would be fab if you had the time (and energy) to read this expert bio, but if you are like any of our clients, you are struggling to just get the bare essentials done. And while we could go on about how brilliantly amazing Tracey Foulkes, professional speaker and CEO of Get Organised is … we know you are probably on your way to another meeting. Just before you dive back into your email inbox, or fight your way through the clutter on your desk, here’s 10 things you might find Tracey blogging about: Prioritising (what to do first when everything is urgent) - Finding your way around your filing system - How to deal with distractions - Delegation (doing it well) - Managing meetings more effectively - Dealing with an exploding email - Apps that make my life easier - Juggling family and work - Scheduling (making time for everything) - Anything relating to business productivity … organising your space, life and time. Twitter: @traceyfoulkes @getorganised

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