For many, spring is a time of celebration. Not only is the sun out, but the flowers are too. Despite the fact that work goes on, the long days seem more bearable and, overall, sunny! If you haven’t yet felt the positive effects of spring, let us help! Have a look at the latest in our Let’s Talk Business category; it’s bound to bring some light into your life!

For starters (excuse the pun), we are very excited to introduce our Celebrity Chef Series. While you may consider dining at your favourite restaurant an entertaining treat (and perfect way to celebrate the new season), these Chefs consider it hard work. Just ask Seline van der Wat, who came 3rd during the second season of Master Chef, or Jodi-Ann Pearton, a successful female representative, within the culinary industry, who has won countless awards for her talents in the kitchen. On the man front, you will find that Grant Kennedy – Executive Chef at the Radisson Blu Hotel – has more than just one trick up his sleeve. Not only is he an excellent Chef, but a competent olive oil maker as well. Watch this space for more Celebrity Chefs to come!

Staying within the food industry, founder and owner of Elgin Free Range Chickens, Jeanne Groenewald, was recently named the Top Female Entrepreneur for 2014. On this, Jeanne was quoted saying: “I’m honoured to be receiving this award – although it definitely isn’t an individual accolade – the entire Elgin Free Range Chickens’ team have played an integral role in the success of the company”. Now that’s what we call a Leading Woman in Business!

Moving more into the realm of corporate, spring is the perfect time to introduce new strategies and plans for a greater 2015. We take you through this process by revealing John D. Martini’s views on planning and setting goals. Once you’ve achieved this, take a look at how to create the perfect elevator pitch. After all, in the fast-paced world we live in, an elevator ride may be the only chance you get to make your business proposal.

In this new season, may you find new inspiration, new knowledge and new success!

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